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Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality.


In order to provide customers with better quality products has always been the purpose of Yumeya's work. Yumeya has been working hard to fulfill this purpose, and has established a special quality inspection department for this purpose. So far, there are more than 20 inspectors in the quality inspection department, and technicians are arranged for quality inspection for each important process, which is to ensure the quality of products and achieve standardization. 


All Yumeya Chairs will undergo at least 4 department, more than 10 times QC before packaged.

1. Hardware Department

In hardware department, at least 4 QC are required.

Ø Raw material

Raw materials shall be tested before entering the hardware department for deep processing. For aluminum tubing, we will check the thickness, hardness and surface. Here are our standards.

Standard for Aluminum Raw material

Test content



≥ 2 mm


14-15 degree after bending and heating


Ensure the specification as required and the difference must is within 3mm


Smooth, no obvious scratches, missing corners

Only when the raw materials pass the QC will begin to be sent to cutting for further processing.

Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality. 1

Ø QC after Bending

In Yumeyas quality philosophy, standards are one of the four important factors. Therefore, after bending, we must detect the radian and angle of the parts to ensure the standard and unity of the finished frame.

First, our production department will make a standard part. Then our workers will adjust according to this standard part through measurement and comparison, so as to ensure the standard and unity.

Ø QC check after welding

Due to the thermal expansion and cold contraction in the welding process, there will be slightly deformation for the welded frame. So we must add a special QC to ensure the symmetry of the whole chair after welding. In this process, our workers will adjust the frame mainly by measuring the diagonal and other data.

Ø Sampling inspection of finished frames

The final QC step in the hardware department is the sampling inspection of finished frame. In this step, we need to check the overall size of the frame, the welding joint is polished or not, the welding point is flat or not, the surface is smooth or not and etc. The chair frames can enter next department only after reaching 100% sampling qualified rate.

 Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality. 2Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality. 3

2. Wood Grain Department

In this department, it needs to undergo three times QC, including raw materials, frame surface and finished product color matching and adhesion test.

Ø Raw material

As metal wood grain is a heat transfer technology which is composed of powder coat and wood grain paper. Little changes in the color of powder coat or wood grain paper will lead to color big change. Therefore, when it is newly purchased wood grain paper or powder, we will make a new sample and compare it with the standard color we sealed. Only 100% match can this raw material be considered qualified.

Ø QC after cleaning

Doing surface treatment like the make-up in a face, first of all, must have a smooth face (frame). There may be collision of the frame during cleaning. So we will undergo fine polishing and check the frame after cleaning. Only the frame without any scratch then it will be fit for surface treatment.

Ø Finished product color matching and adhesion test

As the whole wood grain production process involves many factors such as the thickness of powder coat layer, temperature and time, small change of any factor may lead to color deviation. Therefore, we will check 1% for color comparison after completing the wood grain finish to make sure it is the right color. At the same time, we will also conduct adhesion test, only none of the lattice powder coat falls off in the hundred lattice test can be accepted.


Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality. 4Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality. 5Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality. 6

3. Upholstery Department

In this department, there are three times QC, QC for the raw materials of fabric and foam, mold Test and upholstery effect.

Ø Raw material

In the upholstery department, fabric and foam are two main raw material

① Fabric

The martindale of all Yumeya standard fabric is more than 30,000 ruts. So when we receive the new purchase fabric, we will test the martindale at the first time to make sure it is more than 30,000 ruts.

At the same time, we will also test the color fastness to ensure it won't fade and suitable for commercial use. Combine the QC of color, wrinkles and etc these basic quality problem to ensure it is the right fabric.

Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality. 7

Well QC system in Yumeya which can ensure products with high quality. 8

② Foam

We will test the density of the new purchase foam. The density of the foam, it should be more than 60kg/m3 for mold foam and more than 45kg/m3 for cut foam. Besides, we will test the resilience and fire resistance and other parameter etc to make sure its long life time and suitable for commercial use.


Ø Mold Test

Due to the differences in tensile force and thickness of different fabrics, we will make a sample using the order fabric before bulk goods to adjust the mold for cutting fabric to ensure that the fabric, foam and chair frame can perfectly match without wrinkles and other upholstery problems.

Ø QC for the upholstery effect

For a high-end chair, the first thing people see and feel is the upholstery effect. Therefore after upholstery, we must check the whole upholstery effect, such as whether the lines is straight, whether the fabric is smooth, whether the piping are firm, etc. To make sure our chairs meet the high end require.

1. Package Department

In this step, we will check all parameters according to the customer's order, including size, surface treatment, fabrics, accessories, etc to make sure it is the idea chair that the client order. At the same time, we will check whether the surface of the chair is scratched and clean one by one. Only when 100% of the goods pass the sampling inspection, this batch of large goods will be packed.

Since all the Yumeya chairs are used in commercial places, we will fully understand the importance of safety. Therefore, we will not only ensure the safety through the structure during development, but also select chairs from bulk order for strength test, so as to eliminate all potential safety problem in production.


Yumeya's QC system has been continuously improved, which has also made the quality of Yumeya's chairs constantly improved.

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