Yumeya Furniture - Wood Grain Metal Commercial Dining Chairs Manufacturer & Supplier For Hotel Chairs, event Chairs & restaurant chairs 

Good Quality = Safety + Standard + Comfort+

Excellent Details+ Value Package

1. Safety

For commercial furniture, ensuring the safety of guests can effectively help venues avoid risks. We manufacture with safety first, all chairs are rated to hold up to 500 pounds and come with a 10-year warranty.
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2. Standard

It is not difficult to make one good chair. But for bulk order, only when all the chairs in one standard 'same size' 'same look', it can be regarded as high standard. Yumeya Furniture use Japan imported cutting machines, welding robots, auto upholstery machines, etc. to reduce human error. The size difference of all Yumeya Chairs is control within 3mm.
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3. Comfort

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the best pitch of the back make it nice to lean against.
perfect back radian, perfectly fit back radian of user.
the suitable seat surface inclination, effective support of lumbar spine of user.
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4. Excellent Detail

Details reflect quality, and we optimize the aesthetic presentation of products from the perspective of industrial production. You will see exquisite appearance, smooth lines, and quality assurance for guest safety on Yumeya chairs.
Durable Fabric
The martindale of all Yumeya standard fabric is more than 30,000 ruts, wear-resisting and easy for clean, suitable for commercial use.
High-Resilience Molded Foam
65 kg/m3 Molded Foam without any talc, high resilience and longer lifetime, using 5 years will not out of shape
Tiger Powder Coating
Cooperated with Tiger Powder Coat, 3 times more wear-resistant, effectively prevent daily scratches
Perfect upholstery (2)
the line of cushion is smooth and straight
Smooth Welding Joints
no welding mark can be seen at all.
Yumeya metal wood grain technology is devloped over 25 years, we achieve the industry-leading level.
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5. Value Package

KD technology for unstackable chair, doubling the loading quantity of the cotainer. It's a key way to save transportation cost for our customers, reducing cost, making more benefit.
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