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All Chairs Are Painted By Tiger Powder Coat 
Tiger Powder Coat, the world's leading powder coating enterprise, founded in 1934 in Austria. In the world, there are seven world-class scientific research institution, and more than 30 branch offices around the world. Tiger Powder Coat is a green product, that there are no lead, cadmium and other toxic substances. 

Since 2017, Yumeya Furniture and Tiger powder Coat have reached strategic cooperation. Up to now, we have jointly launched two technologies pioneered by the industry.  

Through cooperation with Tiger Powder Coat, all Yumeya chairs are 3-5 times wear-resistant to to similar products in the market. Also, the color effect of the chairs are good and charming. 
Key to achieve great color rendering
Yumeya knows that high-end commercial venues require exquisite and eye-catching furniture. Tiger powder coat has significant advantages in color adhesion and color display, and is sprayed by experienced workers, which makes our chairs particularly attractive. For the powder coat chair, you can see the great color details on chair. For metal wood grain chair, Tiger powder coat is used for base powder, it also helps to increase wood grain paper adhesion. 
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Good Details Of Yumeya Chair

Yumeya Patented Coating Technology
Combning the durability of powder coating with the effect of paint.
As hard as diamond, 3 times wear resistance than conventional technology.
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