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Senior Living Chairs & Assisted Living Chairs

Yumeya has multiple types of senior living chairs &  assisted living chairs suitable for various scenarios. We strive to provide safe, comfortable, and fully functional living room chairs for the elderly. At present, our principal metal wood grain chairs are gradually accepted and recognized by more and more nursing homes in different countries around the world. Contact us to get chairs for senior living.

The high-end bench suitable for common area and lounge of nursing homes. Made of metal wood grain technology, it has good quality over time. Easy-to-clean velvet can be used to ensure the cleanliness of the senior care space.
YSF1060 stands as the pinnacle choice when it comes to luxurious, comfortable, and stylish guest room chairs tailored for hotels. For business owners seeking a blend of elegance and durability in their guest room armchairs, YSF1060 stands out as the ideal match. Let's delve deeper into the unparalleled features of this remarkable chair!
Seeking a robust and long-lasting hotel guest room chair? YSF1059 is the ideal choice for you. With its sturdy aluminum frame, trendy design, and shape-retaining molded foam, this chair ensures your guests' comfort without straining your budget.
YW5647 epitomizes exceptional comfort and style, standing as the premier choice for stylish and comfortable armchairs for the elderly. With its sleek, elegant design and full armrests, coupled with comprehensive molded foam support, it offers unparalleled comfort for senior living spaces. Discover why YW5647 is the perfect choice for senior healthcare centers.
Seeking luxurious furniture that can elevate the overall appearance of your cozy space? End your search with the extravagant Yumeya YSF1020 Single Sofa. And, not only for adults, Yumeya YSF1020 is the best sofa for elderly person as well. The meticulously detailed Yumeya YSF1020 Single Sofa is perfect for every luxurious setting.
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Furniture for Assisted Living
The health industry's growth has made Yumeya senior living chair to become one of the importable subdivision product line of wood grain metal seating. It possesses the advantages of solid wood texture and durability, which makes it easy to handle daily collisions. The senior living chair retains its good looks for many years, allowing senior living locations to replace the traditional solid wood chairs with them, leading to a decrease in overall expenses and shortening the return on investment time. Yumeya is currently supplying these assisted living chairs to more than 1000 Nursing Homes around the world including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, France and Germany.

Advantages Of Yumeya's Senior Living Chairs

- Durable Material: Yumeya metal wood grain chair is ideal for its fully considered from the aspects of safety and details to ensure it is suitable for the elder. Made of 2.0mm aluminum, Tiger powder coat and the fully welded make the furniture for assisted living really reliable and sturdy;

- Comfortable Design for the Elderly: Ergonomic design of the senior livning charis ensures that proper support is provided to different body parts (spine, back, neck, arms, etc.) without compromising the guest's health, much like a comforting embrace. Additionally, sitting in these chairs alone can help one feel calm and relaxed, which is important for residents of aged care facilities;

Eco-friendly:  During production of Yumeya metal wood grain chair, we don't use much wood, so that it is an environment-friendly way to feel the warmth of wood without cutting trees;

- Unique Caster Function: Considering the limited mobility of the elderly, the need for a chair that is easy to move around will greatly increase. Yumeya unique caster can be added directly to an exisiting chair without changing the appearance of the chair, enhancing the overall performance of the chair. It can reduce the difficulty of selling and purchasing;

- Avoid Bacteria And Viruses: The low immunity of the elderly places higher demands on the cleanliness of furniture. As Yumeya metal wood grain chair has no holes and no joints, which prevents bacteria and viruses from harboring and leaves no room for them to live. Yumeya standard fabric reaches 30,000 rubs and incoporates an easy to clean process, which make it easy to clean water, oil and urine stains quickly;

- Cost-effectively: Yumeya metal wood grain senior living furniture is only 40-50% price of solid wood furniture of same quality level. Choosing a cost-effectively furniture is able to shorten the investment return circule;

- Many Successful Projects: Yumeya cooperated with aged care, health care, mental health and retirement living around the world. Senior living chairs are supplied to Vacenti Premium Aged Care Homes in Australia, Regents Garden Bungalows Aubin Grove in Australia, TLC Nursing Home Group in Ireland, etc.

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