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Yumeya Furniture has a very strong engineers team that can develop customers' exclusive products according to their ideas. OEM aluminum dining chair, stainless steel chair or custom metal chairs, welcome to contact us.

Explore Design – Send us your concept image or existing brand standard. Our team will review material options, finishes and sizing.
Review Quotation – Our team will provide estimate pricing to manufacture and supply exactly what you want. Clients with existing brand standards will find this extremely useful to ensure they are receiving good value from their current supplier.
Shop Drawings – Upon unit pricing approval, our production and design teams will collaborate to complete detailed shop drawings. This outlines how the furniture will be manufactured, and explores opportunities to improve quality.
Sample Production – If our pricing works for your project, producing a sample unit is the best way to compare our furniture with your current supplier or to see your new concept come to live. This demonstrates our quality and provides opportunity to modify and adjust design details prior to any complete orders.
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Yumeya cooperates with famous designers around the world.Since 2019, we reached cooperation with the royal designer of Maxim Group,who also the winner of Red Dot Design Award. Every year, we will launch more than 20 new products to lead the market. Choose the existing styles of Yumeya is also a quick way to start your business.

Before 2022

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Yumeya Furniture, world leading contract furniture/metal wood grain dining chair manufacturer, which gains more than 10000 successful cases in over 80 countries and areas. Our products are perfectly suitable for Hospitality, Cafe&Restaurant, Wedding&Event, Health Care&Senior Living. We offers broadest selection and high quality furniture and can tailor designs to the needs of each customer.

Email: info@youmeiya.net

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Address: Zhennan Industry, Heshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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