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When you are running your business, are you facing the following problems?
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Do The Above Two Questions Put You In A Dilemma, Especially Against The Backdrop Of Uncertain Economic Prospects? 
What Is M⁺?

M+ aims to solve the contradiction between inventory and market diversity.

M+ combines different versions through free combination of different seat and leg / base, also frame / backrest shape / backrest method options, N*N=N², which greatly meet the diversified needs of the market. M+ now offers various dining chair, casual chair for restaurant, cafe, guest room and also office chair, a large number of ways of combination to meet your needs.

Latest M+ Products Born For Dining Venue- Venus Series

The first freely combinable dining chair, 3 shape and method of the backrest, 3 chair frame bring out 27 versions. With its elegant and smooth lines, the Venus Series is a valuable piece of furniture for cafe, restaurant and bistro.

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First Set Of M+ Combination Products Fit All Commercial Venue- Mercury Series

6 seat and 7 leg/base options can bring about 42 different versions, able to fit almost all commercial venue. Mercury Series has been created to humanise spaces, with a friendly, elegant and refined design.

What You Can Get From M+ Combination?

Mercury Series functional design makes it perfect for Cafe, Restaurant, Guest Room, Meeting rooms, Waiting areas, Breakout spaces and many other active work and social environments. And Venus Series dining chairs greatly fit the need of Cafe, Restaurant, Bistro.

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More Reasons To Love Yumeya M+ Combination

Yumeya strives to create high-quality products with high grade materials, which is perfectly reflected in our two set of M+, Mercury 101 Series & Venus 2001 Series.

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How It Looks Like In Each Shapes Shelf?
A classic designed dining side chair with wood back of special shape, perfect reproduction of the classic dining side chair. The metal frame brings smooth lines, making this chair stylish, clean and easy to integrate into different decorating styles. With the excellent metal wood grain technology, the chair is resistant to wear and stains, making it ideal for restaurants, cafes and bistros, brasserie.
The barstool is made with a wooden special-shaped backrest, cushions in a choice of PU and hardwearing fabrics, and a stainless steel protection strip at the bottom to enhance the strength. It creates an excellent match for a hotel or cafe bar area. Compared to the solid wood barstool, it has higher strength and will not come loose or squeak awkwardly, and with a 10-year warranty to solve your after-sales worries, this chair is an excellent commercial furniture choice.
YG2001-WF (2)
The dining barstool with oval wood and fabric backrest, there are high-resistant fabric and soft PU options available. This barstool has a classic, minimalist solid wood look with a high-resilience cushion and backrest that are ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable sitting experience. The metal material makes it lightweight and easy to move.
A simple designed dining chair that greatly decorate any dining venue. Using more than 30,000 rub durable fabric back of elliptical shape, with cushions wrapped in the same material, it has a higher visual unity. The chair frame uses metal wood grain technology, allowing it to have higher strength, also there is no need to concerned about daily cleaning as it has no holes and no gaps.
This model uses an armchair frame, special-shaped backrest, plywoodand fabric for a very luxurious dining chair. This chair is suitable for all types of restaurant, no matter it's a high-style steakhouse or a minimalist fast food restaurant. The abrasion-resistant fabric guarantees the high-intensity usage characteristics of commercial furniture, and its wrapped high resilience foam and more thoughtful armrest configuration.
The elegant dining armchair with fabric back of special shape.More than just stunning at a glance, it is also aesthetically pleasing and durable. This durable armchair is suitable for high-end restaurants and cafes, backed by 10 years warranty make it a very cost-effective choice in the current economic environment.
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Four-star base can be with or without 360° swivel mechanism. And It comes in different stunning colour options. A powder coated leg or wood grain leg to match any kind of environment and furniture style. Its functional design makes it perfect for meeting rooms, waiting areas, breakout spaces and many other active work and social environments.
NF101 + SF103
Metal sled base, as a four-legged version for canteens or restaurants. Endless possibilities and virtually no limits. Hotels, restaurants, lounge areas, and waiting rooms will stand out thanks to this new design chair! This comfortably upholstered chair is perfect for relaxing. Clean lines and decisive minimalist design.
NF101 + SF104
Four metal legs, can with or without swivel function. This makes the Yumeya armchair a good seating solution in hospitality dining venues such as restaurants, cafes, bistros, or bars. No detail can be considered an afterthought. Our custom mercury chairs show off their clean, graceful lines from every angle!
NF101 + SF112
Four-point square metal base, it easily adapts to different spaces such as indoor spaces of houses, hotels and offices, waiting and reception areas, and meeting rooms. The organic curves are designed to promote warmth and communication whilst the well-defined silhouette of the seat shell incorporates integrated armrests low enough to fit under tables, and supportive enough to accommodate the body comfortably for longer periods of sitting.
NF101 + YG7154S
Four-point tapered metal base, can with or without brass leg cover, a comfortable and versatile collection with a wraparound back. Ideal for use in contract and residential environments. This comfortably upholstered chair is perfect for relaxing. Clean lines and decisive minimalist design. A beautiful balance of function and aesthetics, our Senior Living collection is a step above the rest.
NF101 + YG7153ST
High bar stool base, with or without brass leg cover and footrest, in an array of colors combined with numerous base options in metal make for a high quality, stylish cafe and breakout chair range. Mercury, with its form that envelops the body and its plain appearance, combines comfort and warmth in its design details. It is a perfect choice from working areas and hotel rooms to social areas and homes.
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Innovation creates market. Yumeya Venus series dining chairs has solid wood appearance but metal strength, which make them great choice for cafe, restaurant and bistro. Mercury series can low your inventory but meet the diversified needs of market. It can use for all commercial place, such as hotel room, public place, waiting area, office and so on.

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If you are interested in M+ Combinations Mercury 101 Series or Venus 2001 Series, which is great way to low your inventory of the selling business, please contact us!

Can use for all commercial place
Innovation creates market. Yumeya new Mix & Multi Series can low your inventory but meet the diversified needs of market. It can use for all commercial place, such as Cafe, Restaurant, Guest Room, Public Place, Office and so on.
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