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Elegant & High Functional,

For Wedding & Event

Stainless Steel Chair Is Decent In Wedding & Event

To create a dreamy atmosphere, perfect for a big day.
Easy clean features, saving your time and effort on maintenance.
Lightweight stainless steel, even a girl can move it easily.
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What Make Yumeya Stainless Steel Chair More Competitive?

Highly Cost Effectively
70% price of same quality products in market.
Support Bar, Withstand A weight Of 800 lbs
Rare configuration on the market, maximize load bearing capacity.
Fully Welding & Good Polishing
Much more sturdy and reliable, smooth joints enhancing safety.
Anti-Finger Print Technology
No fingerprint and watermark left, easy to clean, suitable for commercial use.
1.2mm Thickness Stainless Steel
Most market products’ thickness 1.0mm, ensure strength.
10 Years Warranty
Good quality and service, free you from after-sales cost.
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Stainless steel chairs for weeding/events
luxury style is designed for Wedding&Events.
louis lux 3562 series Luxurious stainless steel chairs
Luxurious stainless steel chairs--let your guests enjoy in style
NOIR 3550 series commercial stainless steel chairs
The stainless steel frame make it a new take on a classic
plush 3563 series stainless steel banquet chairs
Elegance in a stainless steel frame adds a dash of luxury.
posh 3560 series
The open back stainless-steel ring gives luster to any environment
Rim 3509 Series Stainless Steel Wedding Chairs
The classic and elegant oval backed chair with a modern twist
Soleil 3546 Commercial Stainless Steel Chairs
Stainless steel frame, this chair is a mix of elegance and glamour.
Theoni 3564 Stainless Steel Wedding Chiars
Stainless steel chair has a clean minimalist look that blend into any interior with ease.
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Stainless steel chairs come in a variety of styles, from classic to modern, we can provide all the high-end furniture you need for your places.

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