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Solid wood has always been the main material for furniture. However, with the continuous deforestation, the natural ecology has been further destroyed, the ecological problems such as global warming, insufficient supply of fresh water, depletion of the ozone layer and accelerated extinction of biological species have become increasingly prominent, and the human living environment has further deteriorated. The COVID-19 made people realize the importance and urgency of environmental protection. 

Metal wood grain chairs have the wood grain texture that can give people nature felling, at the same time, as it no need to cut tree and the metal can be recycled, so it can meet the needs of environmental protection. Meanwhile, the tubing of metal wood grain chairs are connected by welding, which can effectively solves the problem of cracking or loosening of solid wood chairs due to the change of air and moisture.Therefore, in recent years, more and more commercial places, such as hotels, cafes, health care, etc., people use metal wood grain chair instead of solid wood chair.
We are pleased to share with you that we will showcase our latest designs at the INDEX Dubai event to be held from June 4th to 6th, 2024 at the Dubai World Trade Center in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Please make sure to visit booth SS1F151 to explore our innovative furniture!
2024 05 06
Yumeya's hotel chairs are jointly developed by designers and a team of engineers with many years of experience, providing you with various customized solutions for hotel banquet halls
2023 11 16
The highly cost effective and luxury designed stainless steel chair for wedding and event.Using the high grade stainless steel, can bear a weight of 500lbs, with high-resilience mould foam, getting great strength and good comfort and there are multiple choices to create your own style.
2023 07 04
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