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Our Mission:

Bringing Environment Friendly Furniture To World

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The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 makes people realize the importance of environmental protection. Furniture has always been made of solid wood, which means a lot of forests have been cut down.

Since 1998, Mr. Gong, founder of Yumeya Furniture, has been developing wood grain chair instead of wood chair. As the first person to apply wood grain technology to metal chairs, Mr. Gong and his team have been working tirelessly on innovation of wood grain technology for more than 20 years.

In 2017, Yumeya start the cooperation with Tiger powder, a global powder giant, to make the wood grain more clearer and wear-resistant. In 2018, Yumeya launched the world's first 3D wood grain chair. Since then, people can get the look and touch of wood in a metal chair. 

Good productivity

enables fast delivery within 25 days

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The complete product line is the key for Yumeya to provide stable and high-quality products. The production mode of independent production and rejection of outward processing enables Yumeya to be the first company in realizing 25 days quick ship in customized furniture industry. Meanwhile, it can effectively protect the copyright of customers and avoid vicious competition. 

Yumeya understands that the current competition has change to supply chain. In order to give customers more competitive products, Yumeya has been committed to mechanical upgrading. At present, Yumeya has become one of the factories with the most modern equipment in the whole industry, such as Japan imported cutting machines and welding machine, automatic transportation line, automatic grinder etc. 

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Quality has always been something Yumeya attaches great importance to. In 2018, Yumeya introduced ERP and the concept of logistics chain management, it reduced the error rate to 3%, and saved 5% of the production cost. 

Now, Yumeya QC team composed of 30 people, is distributed in each production link to conduct spot check on raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products, to find out the defective products in time, and record all production parameters, so as to facilitate the customer to order again in the future. 

All our chairs pass the strength of ANS/BIFMA X5.4-2012 and EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 level 2. In 2023, Yumeya new testing laboratory completed now we can do the ANS/BIFMA testing in the new lab.


Good Customer Service

Impressed You With Excellent Convenience

Product And Technology Development -- Yumeya GM Mr Gong
Mr Gong is a visionary at the helm, adher to bringing high-quality and durable commercial furniture to the world, he has been leading Yumeya's R&D department in technological exploration and product innovation. Mr Gong's rich production experience is the key for Yumeya to solve problems in the production process and optimize the details of furniture to perfection.
He has led the innovation of factory production equipment and technology, allowing Yumeya to have good productivity and be able to complete customer needs on time and with high quality.
Marketing And  Design Development--
Yumeya VGM Ms Sea Fung
Ms Sea Fung is Yumeya Furniture Vice General Manager, she established the Yumeya Furniture from factory to manufacturer brand from 0 to 1. She has always believed that the development of the brand and the growth of customers complement each other. The Yumeya Global Promotion Tour she lead in 2023 hopes to promote Yumeya and metal wood grain technology to all parts of the world.

In order to make our products more in line with the needs of the market, she also works  hard on product development at Yumeya, striving to integrate good concepts and designs into Yumeya's products. 

Engineer Team

Yumeya development department are lead by Yumeya developer Mr Gong, all team member is with the experience of over 20 years. Therefore, we can ensure production efficiency and solve problems encountered in production. Also, our sample department is composed of a team of 9 people, covering the three links of hardware, fabric fabrication and production, which help quickly produce a good sample.

Senior Sales Team

Our senior sales team lead by Yumeya vice general manager Sea Fung, to offer 24/ 7 service to our customers. If there is any problem or if you want to know any product information, we are happy to serve you anytime. At the same time, our team is also very professional. We can understand and listen to your demands well and provide effective feedback.

Marketing Support: Easy Way To Start Business With Yumeya

It is not easy to start new cooperation with a manufacturer. Therefore, we launched Easy Wat To Start Business WIth Yumeya. For all our customers and dealer around the world, we offer selling materials support like HD photos, HD video, catalog, tubing sample, fabric sample, flyer... selling technique support like dealer manual, also online/offline sales training... if you want to start a new business from 0, we have showroom reproduction project, offering showroom design, chair sample support and display.  

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Good Development Capacity,

Make Our Customer More Competitive In Market

Product technology innovation never stops
Yumeya's strong engineering team allows us to adapt to market changes and launch relevant technologies. For example, in Western Europe, Japan, South Korea and other markets, our Stack-able technology can effectively save storage space and reduce warehousing fees. In addition, in order to help customers save transportation costs, we have also launched KD technology, which allows non-stackable chairs to save storage space and the container loading capacity can be doubled. At present, we have 7 patented technologies launched on the market. We will continue to work hard on technology research and development and strive to benefit our customers. 
Innovation Creates New Market
For the furniture industry, product innovation is always an issue that cannot be ignored. While many factories only launch few new product per year or even several years, Yumeya can launch an average of up to 20 new product series every year by cooperating with designers from all over the world. If you want something exquisite and unique for commercial furniture, Yumeya is your best choice. In the upcoming January 2024, Yumeya will also hold the 2024 Annual Dealer Conference and New Product Launch, so stay tuned. 

glad to announce:

Yumeya Passes the disney ILS Social Compliance Audit

In 2023, Yumeya successfully passed the Disney ILS Social Compliance Audit, which means that our factory has reached industry-leading levels in production and management, especially in the Chinese market. 

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