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Stackable Banquet Chairs Wholesale

Due to the characteristics of the wedding and event activities, it is often necessary to move, and lightweight and high-quality chairs are essential. Yumeya's stackable banquet chairs and dining chairs can usually stack 5 to 10 pieces, effectively saving space. Worrying about wear and tear is unnecessary during the moving process. Our stackable commercial event chairs have metal adjustable glides optional, which remain silent during moving and effectively extend service life. Contact us for the latest wholesale stackable chairs information.

YL1398 is aluminum banquet chair that have the excellent appearance .The classic design and the smooth lines match the elegant finish that can get the audience's attention.Besides YL1398 is lightweight and can stack 10 pieces,save more than 50% of the cost whether in transportation or daily storage.
Unmatched in elegance and luxury, the YL1163 banquet chair effortlessly elevates the allure of any banquet hall. Its versatile color scheme seamlessly harmonizes with diverse event themes and complements various decorations. Beyond its captivating aesthetics, this chair sets a new standard for comfort. Crafted to provide unparalleled relaxation, its ergonomic design ensures a delightful seating experience for guests, making every event an occasion to remember.
YL1224 -2 is aluminum metal wood grain stackable banquet chair that radiates charm and a wooden appeal will bring back life to your place. The chair comes with a generous 10-year frame and mold foam warranty,free you from any after-sales worries.
Bring unique charm and value to your place with the most durable, charming, and best-in-the-league aluminum chair. Designed by top professionals, YF5045 has the potential to uplift your space elegantly!
YT2156 is an elegant metal wood grain chair and the frame is crafted from strong, lightweight steel . With gold chrome finish on the pattern back, it is taken to the next level.
YG7058 is a well designed and reliable quality metal wood grain french style barstool. Thanks to the Tiger powder coating, the wood grain finish of the barstool is clear and subtle, while maintaining an excellent appearance for years. It is made up of 2.0mm aluminum and can hold up to 500lbs of weight. It can be stacked 3 pieces to save storage space and transportation cost, and we offer a 10-year warranty, making it ideal for commercial furniture.
YW5508 is a beautifully designed armchair that impresses others with its elegance. The sturdy aluminium frame is finished with a subtle wood grain texture and the well-known Tiger powder coat gives it a clear colour rendering. The fabric has PU and velvet options, but custom fabrics are also welcome.
Yumeya main product, keep receiving bulk order every month. YL1498 is a wood grain side chair with a pattern back design, adding a sense of luxury to a wedding. The chair is made from 2.0mm aluminium for maximum strength, with patented tubing and structure to enhance the aesthetics and make the chair more sturdy. Available in a choice of PU leather or velvet, the frame and mould foam are covered by a 10 year warranty.
Get ready to take your dining experience with YG7183 to a whole new level of aesthetic appeal and convenience! They're so well-crafted with a hint of refinement that they are likely to redefine what luxury means in restaurants and bars. Brace yourself to be blown away by this bar stool's style, comfort, utility, and easy storage that will leave you absolutely spellbound!
Yumeya YL1497 has an amazing fan-back design that uplifts the whole vibe of a place. It is a stacking banquet chair that coated with metal wood grain.10 years frame warranty free you from worry of sale after service. It is good choice for your commercial place.
YL1229 is a pretty wedding banquet chairs for hotel. It is also suitable for the senior living with its retro design. It is made of 2.0mm aluminum and reinforced tubing so that it can bear the high strength. YL1229 is available in metal wood grain and powder coat.
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