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The Paris Olympic, a grand event held every four years, is eagerly awaited by the whole world.

Stadium, hotels and restaurants serving the sports games will also see a large demand for furniture purchases.

Stadium Chair

The first priority is to consider safe chairs. Chairs with stable structures and solid materials can ensure 100% safety for athletes, referees and spectators. Resting area in the stadium is a very important place for spectators to eat and rest during breaks. It is also important to be portable because chairs are often moved.

Hotel Banquet Chair/ Conference Chair

Good-designed chair is a very important part of highlighting a hotel's style, especially when hotel costs rise during major events, and guests will look forward to holding meetings and attending banquet in an exquisite environment. During the Games, hotel’s customers come from all over the world, so they are likely to be affected by the fatigue of travel, and they also crave a comfortable environment.

Restaurant Dining Chair

Guests always want to have a full meal after watching the game, and they want to dine in a chair that relieves fatigue. The comfort of the chair is very important. Faced with high-frequency customer reception demands, restaurants also need some chairs that are easy to clean, including chair frames and upholstery. It is best to be stackable, because this way you can instantly replenish the chairs when a large number of customers enter the place, and the chairs can also save storage space when not in use.

Demands For Environment Protection

Under the general trend of advocating environmental protection and carbon reduction, it is imperative to choose green and environmentally friendly furniture. If you want to make breakthrough for the chair selling business during the Paris Sport Games, Yumeya Furniture can be your good partner as we produce Comfy, Built-to-Last, Easy-to-Clean and Environment Friendly metal furniture, perfect match the need for sport events.

Dining/ Lounge

Lorem 1617 Series
Latest Metal Wood Grain Dining Chair, Durable And Easy To Clean
Luz 3569 Series (2)
Modern Restaurant Chair, Cafe Chair, Hot-Sale Model
YA3555 (2)
Elegant Chair With Smooth Lines, Chosen By Hundreds Of Restaurant
MP003 (2)
Simple Styled Plastic Chair, Can be Used For Referee Chair
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Conference/ Meeting Room

Prisma 5704 Series
Ergonomic Designed Wood Look Task Chair
Wiz MP001 Series
Classic Conference Chair With High And Low Armrest Designed
M+ Mercury 101 series
Customized Meeting Room Chair With Various Seat Options
Hot 1041 Series
Simple Classic Steel Conference Chair
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Banquet Hall/ Reception Room

Chameleon 3521 Series (2)
Stylish Banquet Chair, Made Of High Grade Raw Material
Armani 3545 Series (2)
Fully Upholstery Reception Room Chair, Offering Good Comfort
Triptych 6061 Series (2)
Elegant Flex Chair, Good Choice For High-End Hotel
Adamas 1398 Series (2)
Simple Good Looking Banquet Chair, Lightweight And Easy To Move
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Hotel Rooms/ Hotel Table

Comfort 1115 Series
High-End Hotel Guest Room Chair, Born For Great Comfort
Repose 5532 Series (2)
Luxury Wood Look Metal Hotel Room Chair, Stackable
Multifunctional Metal Wood Grain Buffet Table Series
Classic Banquet Chair, Made With Aluminum, Good For High-End Banquet Hall
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The Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) is one of the two major convention and exhibition venues in Hong Kong.

During the previous venue renovation and upgrade, the venue contacted Yumeya and purchased a batch of flex back chairs. After more than 5 years of use, these chairs are still in good condition. The seat cushions made of molded foam with a density of 65kg/m3 have maintained their good shape. With the flex back design, they have served tens of thousands of guests, providing comfortable sitting experience.

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The high-end Newport Bay Club Hotel sits in a lovely position next to Lake Disney at Disneyland Paris. In the luxuriously decorated banquet hall, Yumeya banquet chairs are placed. The round back design, and the moderate curvature brings exquisite beauty. To match the specific banquet theme, the hotel will also provide chair covers for them to create a romantic atmosphere. When the chairs are not in use, 10 chairs can be stacked to effectively save storage space. The hotel is very satisfied with this batch of chairs and said that it will continue to choose Yumeya when replacing the chairs in the future.

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Club Central Hurstville is a premium hospitality venue with 3 food outlets, multiple bars, entertainment and extensive facilities which often chosen by local people in daily entertainment and leisure. In the banquet area, the venue purchased a batch of beautiful and simple stainless steel chairs, which use smooth lines to create a luxurious atmosphere. Their lightweight characteristics also improve the mobility of the chairs. The dining area is equipped with a fully upholstery dining chair, which is made of high-end velvet to create a luxurious feel.

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