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Why We Started Global Promotion Tour?

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Yumeya's metal wood grain technology has made great progress in the 3 years of the epidemic. Our latest processes and products are at the leading level in the industry and will definitely be unforgettable. We look forward to share it with every customer around the world.
Yumeya VGM-- Sea Fung
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Journey of Inspiration- Milan Exhibition

At the Salone del Mobile.Milano in April 2023, Mr Gong and Yumeya VGM Sea obtained many new inspirations for products on site and confirmed new cooperation with local designers. The joining of well-known industry designer enables Yumeya to speed up the pace of new product releases.

First Stop- Dubai

Dubai is home to the world's top luxury hotels, and hotel chairs are very popular. We came to the local area with the latest metal wood grain/banquet chair. Metal wood grain chair is a new thing in the Dubai market. It can bring the warmth of solid wood chair and the strength of metal chair, which has aroused the interest of many customers.

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Second Stop- Morocco

There is a high demand for wedding chairs in the Moroccan market. Yumeya metal wood grain/ French style wedding chair has a luxurious design, adding a dazzling embellishment to the romantic wedding venue. At the same time, due to its stackable characteristics and excellent durability, Yumeya commercial chair is highly praised by customers, and we have also obtained many orders here.

Third Stop- Australia

Yumeya communicates with many companies selling restaurant chairs in Australia. Metal wood grain technology has good adaptability to dining chairs. Metal wood grain restaurant chair is easy to clean and can usually be stacked 5-10 pieces, saving storage space and cost. It has become the choice of many well-known restaurants and can help with business furniture sales improvement. In addition, after visiting local nursing homes and communities, we also obtained more ideas for new senior living products.

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Forth Stop- New Zealand And Canada
Yumeya sales team spent 3 weeks in New Zealand and Canada. We are pleased that both markets have high awareness of metal wood grain, but many companies have been looking for ways to improve the quality of it. Yumeya uses PCM for wood grain paper cutting, which can achieve no joints and no gaps. At the same time, the high grade raw materials and excellent craftsmanship make our chairs very durable. This time in a hotel in Canada, we also saw metal wood grain chairs that were sold 6 years ago, and they were still in good condition.
Fifth Stop- Qatar

Yumeya sales team spent 2 weeks in Qatar, we met over 10 experts in the industry and grab a lot new idea of metal wood grain furniture. In 2024, the middle east is also our main market of promotion.

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First Stop in 2024- France

We met with about 10 local furniture manufacturers in France and made good progress, also gaining many new product inspirations. This year, we will vigorously promote metal wood grain dining chairs in Europe, and have promotional plans underway in several European countries.

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