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What Prevent You From Choosing Old Designed Flex Back Chairs?

  Usually 2years lifetime, significantly increase operating costs.
  3-5 times price of banquet chair,while improvement in comfort is limited.
  Hard to bring a sense of sophistication,not compatible with upscale venues.

Yumeya Patented CF™ Structure

Latest Development Of Flex Back Chairs

Most of the old designed flex back chairs adopt iron for flex chip,the key component of flex back chair which related to comfort and service lifetime.Materials of Yumeya patented CF™ structure is actually carbon fiber,which previously seen as aerospace materials because of its high performance.

The flexible material which is also high ductility.
10% lighter than old designed flex back chair.
Extra long lifetime, maintain sufficient strength after millions of uses
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Unique Advantages Of CF™ Structure

Maximum Comfort, Outstanding Back Elasticity.
优势 (2)
Leader Level On Market, 5 Times To Old Designed Products.
1/5 Price Of Imported Products, New Way To Start Your Business.
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New Series

Frederick are the brand new series equip with Yumeya patented CF™ structure.Durability and comfort make it highly competitive for your business.

Wood grain finish and new structure, elegant designed chairs to cheer your customers.
New products with good polishing and much more comfort, great quality in every detail.
The most durable flex back you never seen, high grade steel material, for good comfort.
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Custom Cases

Yumeya patented CF™ structure can be used on most of the flex back chairs,which shows strong potential for Hotel furniture.

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Two Ways to Apply CF™

Structure To Your Business

Order Yumeya whole new series like Neo-WB and Frederick-L,the direct and fast way to gain CF™ structure.Our new products can efficiently complete production and delivery.
You may want to upgrade your old chair or create a brand new one using CF™ structure, Yumeya's powerful R&D capabilities can help you out. The exclusive chairs will make your venue look more unique.
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Yumeya Innovation Ability

With well-developed engineer team,Yumeya leads the market through endless technology exploration.By far,Yumeya have launched 7 main technology to make you more competitive.

Get In Touch With Us

If you are interested about our latest technology,no matter is our new series or want to equip your old chair model with CF™ structure or even create the new product cooperate with us. Just leave your phone and email in the contact form,our professional selling team will satisfy you.

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