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Hotel Room Chairs for Sale

Hotel room chairs include lounge chairs, sofas, and armchairs for public areas, lobby, and hotel rooms. The high-density foam, up to 65kg/m3, provides good resilience. High-quality fabric is soft and skin-friendly, providing a great riding experience. Multiple materials, designs, and prices are available, and we highly recommend the metal wood grain series. It gets a wood look and touch but mental strength. Contact us for hospitality room chairs wholesale.

YW5704 will change your inherent impression of conference chairs. Fashionable exterior design, with the option to install metal casters to adapt to more usage scenarios, providing you with the opportunity to win more orders.
The perfect fusion of comfort and taste. These chairs not only serve as elegant furniture, but also ensure your durability. Yumeya offers a 10-year framework warranty to reduce your maintenance costs.
Yumeya brings the best-in-class YSF1115 hotel guest room chairs to revolutionize the furniture industry. Keeping the purpose of delivering top-notch durability and comfort and still providing elegant furniture that elevates any space.
The YW5658 hotel guest room chairs are the perfect side chair you have been looking for! Either modern or formal, these chairs elevate every hotel aesthetic with their chic and classy look. And, not only the appeal, the chairs offer unparalleled comfort to your guests so that they remember you for the coming ages.
Enhance the overall presence of your space with the most elegant and comfortable hotel room chairs in the industry. YW5532 is a supreme quality piece of furniture that resonates with style and craftsmanship. If you are looking for furniture that has all the qualities, such as durability, elegance, and comfort, undoubtedly go for YW5532!
YSF1071 it belongs to yumeya's popular 1435 series.1435 series with bright and real wood grain, rich color collocation, a variety of occasions chair combination to choose from, become people's main choice.
Swan chair 7215 Series is new design barstool and inject personality into any hotel room and social space. Designed by Yumeya chief designer Mr Wang, YG7215 brings iconic aesthetics, versatile functionality, make it popular in commercial furniture.
YSF1050-S stands as an exceptionally durable and comfortable armchair designed for guestrooms, showcasing enduring charm and brilliance over the years. Tailored for various businesses such as hospitality or senior care homes, it stands out as the ultimate choice in super comfort for the elderly. Let's delve into its standout qualities.
Seeking luxurious furniture that can elevate the overall appearance of your cozy space? End your search with the extravagant Yumeya YSF1020 Single Sofa. And, not only for adults, Yumeya YSF1020 is the best sofa for elderly person as well. The meticulously detailed Yumeya YSF1020 Single Sofa is perfect for every luxurious setting.
Can you imagine the appearance of a solid wood chair on top of a metal chair in the past? Yumeya's YSF1021 sofa can bring you surprises. Made of high-quality aluminum and paired with Yumeya's metallic wood grain, this chair will become your best partner for expanding your business.
YW5660 combines aesthetics and durability, using high-quality aluminum frame to continuously enhance the wear resistance of the chair. At the same time, the coating of metal wood grain makes this chair more elegant, and when placed in the room, the atmosphere also becomes more warm. YW5660 is the best choice for placement in hotel rooms or restaurants.
The floral-patterned healthcare armchairs gracing every corner of your nursing home - this is the reflection of the Yumeya YW5527 chairs. Each chair radiates an alluring floral appeal, making it an extraordinary piece of furniture among its competitors. Excellent quality and stylish design make the YW5527 a commercial-grade armchair for elderly.
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