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Hotel Contract Furniture Solution

Yumeya Hospitality Don't Merely Perform They Dazzle

4.0mm aluminum
to frame and foam
ergonomic design
QC (2)
undergo 9 times QC
maintain good look for years
foam (3)
65kg/m3 5years will not out of shape
abrasion resistance >80,000 Martindale cycles
can stacked up to 10pcs
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Good Design Inspired From The Whole World

Yumeya cooperates with designers all around the world, such as the royal designer of Hong Kong Maxim’s Group, Mr Wang and Italian Industrial designer. Therefore, we are able to get inspiration from all over the world to create hotel contract furniture that is suitable for different regions and styles. Yumeya develops more than 30 self-designed products every year, which provides sufficient competitiveness in the market.

Experienced Engineer Team To Make The Details Perfect

Yumeya's core team of engineers have over 20 years of experience in the industry, which gives us a good ability to solve problems in practical application of our products for landing. It is very common for venue design issues to arise in customized hotel solutions, and our team of outstanding engineers will assist in resolving the issues efficiently and effectively, guaranteeing delivery dates and practical results.

Guarantee Production
Production Management And Lead Time Guarantee
Launch New Products
Launch New Products According To Market Demand
Optimize Structure Configuration
Optimize Structure Configuration And Improve Quality
Solve Application Problems
Solve Application Problems Such As Product Installation
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