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History of Yumeya Metal Wood Grain Technology

Metal Wood Grain 1.0

①World's First Metal Wood Grain Chair with Curved Lines

Before this, the metal wood grain applied to furniture only had straight lines, which could not simulate the growth of tree rings, it's easy to figure out that the chair is not solid wood chair. Referring to the texture of trees, the curved lines wood grain textures make the chair much more similar to a real solid wood chair.

Metal Wood Grain 2.0

② More Realistic Metal Wood Grain Chair

An important process innovation, the first use of thermal transfer printing technology, making the wood grain texture clearer and more realistic. Compared with the previous water transfer printing technology, the new process makes the wood grain effect not easy to deform, and it also has higher adhesion and is not easy to fade.

Metal Wood Grain 3.0

③ No Joint And No Gap

The pinnacle of Yumeya's current metal wood grain technology development. We use PCM machine to cut the wood grain paper to ensure complete coverage of the chair frame. Therefore, the entire frame is covered in wood grain, which looks almost identical to a solid wood chair.

Metal Wood Grain 3.0

④ 3D Metal Wood Grain Technology

A chair made using a special process, the metal wood grain chair now has a touch that is comparable to a solid wood chair.

Metal Wood Grain 3.0

⑤ Outdoor Metal Wood Grain Technology

Break the limit of usage scenarios, metal wood grain chair now can be used in outdoor commercial venue with good waterproof and anti-sunlight properties.

The 25th Anniversary Celebrations of

Metal Wood Grain Technology 

We have a gathering with our customers and employees on 28th, September. Check out the highlights! 

Developer of Metal Wood Grain Technology

We sincerely appreciate all of you for the help and support during the development of Metal Wood Grain Technology. 25th Anniversary is Not An End, we hope that this technology can create higher value for commercial environments in the future. 

-- Mr Gong

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