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Easy way to start your new business

It is very difficult to promote a new product in the market.It takes a series of processes to complete product promotion, including choosing the right product, preparation of marketing materials and the training for the sales group. This process is time-consuming for many customers, so they don't promote new products as often that leads to a failure to seize opportunities for development.


After realizing that the customer had this problem,Yumeya launched a special support policy “Easy way to start your business” with Yumeya. It make the cooperation between customers and Yumeya became easily. From selling materials, selling support to photography and video service, Yumeya tend to provide comprehensive sales resource. Since 2022, our featured service Showroom Reproduction Project help our clients to create a appropriate showroom almost effortless. Yumeya will be responsible for layout, decoration style and furniture display. Just give us a space, we will make it a showroom.

Selling Materials

Fabric (2)
Durable fabric that can withstand 80,000 ruts, we provide waterproof, fireproof, antibacterial and other options according to your needs. We can also help developed fabric for your brand.
color card
Good way to let you get the actual color of chair. Now Yumeya offer various wood grain, powder coat finish options which apply Tiger powder coat. Available to develop your own brand’s color card through Yumeya.
Tubing is the most convenient tool to show customers the painting results. Yumeya provide raw tubing, powder coat finish, wood grain finish for our dealer.
Yumeya patented structure is the key of high strength and great durability. The structure we provide shows good welding techniques, your customers may be marvel at the excellent craftsmanship.
If you want to participate in exhibitions or promotions, promotional leaflets are a good way to quickly create an impression on customers. Yumeya can efficiently complete the design of promotional flyers, making your brand more proficient.
Every year, Yumeya launches over 20 new products. It’s necessary for us to upgrade new catalog more frequently. In 2023, Yumeya plans to release over 5 catalog including hotel, cafe and restaurant, wedding and event, healthcare and senior living. We can also design a practical catalog for your brand.
Chair Sample
A chair sample before bulk order can helps your customers know actually the good they purchasing, and it’s a fast way to adjust the process which make the chair more competitive. Yumeya experienced R&D team can definitely help you and your customers to create good sample.
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Selling Support

Dealer Manual
It is often not easy to get to know a brand or a new product from 0 to 1. Therefore, Yumeya will prepare the selling points in advance, so that you and your customers can understand the charming points of the chairs.
Online/ Offline Training Support
During the long sales cycle, you may encounter some product or sales related issues. The Yumeya sales team is online 24 hours a day and can help you solve problems. If conditions permit, you can also visit our factory and we can introduce relevant product information to you face-to-face.
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Showroom Reproduction Project

No need to worry about the huge task of rearranging your showroom, Yumeya can help you with this, which is highly appreciated by our distributors and partner brands. This service covers all aspects of the showroom including layout, decoration style and furniture display, with the aim of helping you to complete your showroom quickly and efficiently. From a space to showroom, it’s quite simple if you are Yumeya’s partner. Yumeya has now completed over 5 showroom setups for East Asia, North America and other regions.

Photography And Video Service

To visualise the appearance of the chair, a visual and quick way to see it is through HD pictures.The Yumeya photo team takes three views of the chairs and promotional images so that customers can quickly see the appeal of the chairs. Each month we produce over 100 HD images.

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Yumeya also has a video team and we are able to offer a regular promotional video service with HD videos to help you and your brand go the distance.

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