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Flex Back Banquet Chair

Metal Wood Grain VS Traditional Powder Coat

Meet your desire of closing to nature, feel the warmth of wood on metal chair.
Metal frame will not leave any water stains or marks in daily use, which make cleaning programs much easier.
As it has no holes and no seams, effectively prevent the spread of bacterial and viruses. The metal material also guarantees high strength and the weight that can withstand.
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Great Choice For Metal Wood Grain Flex Back Banquet Chair

Yumeya Patented CF™ Structure
Provide higher resilience and stronger feedback for chairs, feeling comfortable even sitting for a long time. Normally 10 years lifetime, which is 5 times that of products on the market.
7_0mm Flex Back Accessory
Thicker and wider than market’s product, the increase of it can bring about a longer lifetime, serving durability.

No worry about loosening under various conditions, suitable for commercial venue.

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Neo-WB (3)
Classic design with wood grain texture,suitable for various scenarios
T-WB (3)
Vintage elegance, a work that can illuminate environment
S-WB (3)
Upholstery seat & back, combining aesthetics and comfort
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Custom Cases

More and more well-known hotels around the world choosing Yumeya metal wood grain flex back chair for their business.

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More Reasons To Love Yumeya

Metal Wood Grain Flex Back Chairs

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