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Featured Products

At YUMEYA, innovation is a core value in all we do. Look here to see our latest Featured Products with new design inspiration.

M+ Combination Chairs

M+ series is the new product concept that can be used to solve contradiction between inventory and market diversity. Now M+ series have 2 set of products: Venus 2001 series, with 3 chair’s frame, 3 shape of backrest, 3method of backrest, bringing 27 different versions, perfect for dining venue. Mercury 101 series, with 6 seat and 7 leg/ base options, bringing 42 combinations, can be used for all commercial venue. The fancy chair to low your inventory, contact Yumeya.

Metal Wood Grain Flex Back Chairs

Metal Wood Grain is the core technology of Yumeya Furniture. Yumeya uses clever heat transfer process to give the look of real wood for the flex back chairs whilst retaining the metal strength. Ideal choice if you like a new design flex back chair but want to take advantage of benefits including long term durability, low maintenance and lightness.Make it your own by choosing your own metal wood grain color finishes.

CF™ Structure
See the latest designs in our flex back banquet seating. Unlike the traditional old design of the flex back chairs with iron flexible chips, these sleek and sophisticated flex back chairs boast a Yumeya patented CF™ called carbon fiber, which bring people more comfortable feelings and make longer lifetime. Flex back chairs will be the perfect addition to your commercial places.

Stainless Steel Chairs

Yumeya stainless steel chair has a unique, elegant style all its own . The stainless steel chair is luxury and sophisticated that is perfect for events and wedding venues.  Constructed with top-quality 1.2mm thickness stainless steel and support bar, Yumeya stainless steel chair supports up to 500 pounds and with 10 years frame warranty. Besides, a comfortable plush seat cushion offers guests enhanced comfort. Yumeya quality stainless steel chairs offer excellent value with premium features for a great price.

French Style Chairs

Gorgeous French chairs are excellent furniture to enhance the style of your wedding and event venue, suitable for various of wedding like formal wedding, informal wedding, vintage style wedding and so on. Yumeya's products are made with metal wood grain technology, adding a wood grain finish to regular metal chairs to get the warmth of solid wood and the strength of metal. For a product that combines beauty and practicality, contact us!

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