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Advanced Equipment, Powful Guarantee For Good Quality And Quick Ship

As one of the biggest metal wood grain furniture manufacturer in China, Yumeya has a more than 20000 m² workshop and more than 200 workers.The monthly production capacity of chair can reach up to 100000pcs. In order to give customers more competitive products, Yumeya has been committed to mechanical upgrading. At present, Yumeya has become one of the factories with the most modern equipment in the whole industry. Advanced equipment is a powerful guarantee for high quality and quick Ship.

Japan Imported Welding Robots
In 2023, we bought the sixth welding robots in the workshop, which significantly increase the capacity. Now, Yumeya can weld over 1,000 chairs per day and size error can be controlled under 1mm.
PCM Machine
Developed by Yumeya engineers team, which optimized for metal wood grain furniture production. The wood grain paper and the chair frame can be matched 1 to 1, thus achieving no joint and no gap.
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Raw materials are transported by means of a large boom, which reduces the possibility of collision during manual handling and guarantees the strength.
Cutting Machines
All Yumeya' s cutting machine were imported from Japan. It can make sure all the incision is smooth and the difference within 0.5mm against the international standard (within 1mm).
Automatic Bending Machine
This machine help to bending the chair tube, making sure they are on the same angle and with same curved line. The error can be controlled within 1mm.
Automatic Polishing Machine
Compared with manual grinding, automatic grinding machines can nearly double the efficiency. This can effectively help speed up production for projects with tight schedules.
CNC Cutting Machine
Work according to the preset procedure, the difference is within 0.5mm and the incision is smooth. After installation, the cushion and the frame are perfectly matched, gap is within 1mm.
Automatic Transportation Line
Connects all links of production, which can effectively save the cost and time of transportation. Meanwhile, it can effectively avoid the collision while transport, ensure all products are best protected.
Upholstery Machine
Use air pressure instead of manpower to avoid manpower difference to ensure standard. Meanwhile, cooperate with special mold to ensure the line of cushion is smooth and straight, and there is no ‘s’ line.
Testing Machine
Yumeya has two strength test machine, all Yumeya chairs pass the strength test of ANS/BIFMA X5.4-2012 and EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 level2. 2023, we cooperated with local factory built up and start the use of new testing lab.
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Development In 2023
Workshop Expansion
We added a second floor workshop to improve the speed of upholstery process.
New Testing Lab
Coperate with local manufacturer, the same standard of BIFMA X6.4 test available in the lab.
New Welding Machine
Purchase the 6th welding machine for the hardware department, speed up the welding process.
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Development In 2024

New Router & CNC Grilling Machine

We purchase 2 machine to improve the efficiency of plywood and component processing. Also, it benefit the accuracy of all cutting work, decrease the size difference to achieve high standard of the chair.

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