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Location:Rue de L'Ancien-Port, 14 1201 Genève

Swissanim SA is an event planner based in Geneva (Switzerland). Swissanim SA always stays at the customer's side, from conception to turning an event into reality. Their unwavering dedication is evident in their all-encompassing approach, seamlessly orchestrating each event from its conceptualization to its magnificent realization.

If you already have a concept, Swissanim SA can turn it into reality. After all, there's no need to reinvent the wheel! And if you don't have a concept, Swissanim SA can also help by carefully analyzing the needs and objectives.

As a prominent figure in the realm of event planning, Swissanim SA possesses the profound expertise necessary to transmute ordinary gatherings into extraordinary affairs, bedazzling attendees with an awe-inspiring experience.

According to Swissanim SA, they can cater to every event irrespective of specific needs or even the number of guests. From small groups to events that host 5000+ people, this Geneva-based event planner can help you make the events happen!

In addition, the nature of the events also doesn't stop Swissanim SA from offering its services. With years of experience in the industry, they can match their offering based on the event type.

That's why when it comes to any type of event, such as weddings, scientific meetings, business conferences, or even parties, Swissanim SA can help with everything: From concept-building to decor to furniture to lighting, they leave no stone unturned to turn events into something special.

Swissanim SA is known for its attention to detail & high-quality service. A testament to their dedication, Swissanim SA has partnered with Yumeya Furniture to procure top-tier chairs of impeccable quality. The reason for choosing Yumeya's Furniture was simple: These chairs are used worldwide at prestigious hotels, resorts, banquets, & even events!


One of the first benefits Swissanim SA gains from Yumeya's chairs is a high level of comfort. This ensures that the guests at the events get to enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Moreover, the chairs' ergonomic design ensures the maintenance of a natural posture, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the proceedings without a hint of discomfort.The next benefit of these years is a generous 10-year warranty. On the one hand, it enables Swissanim SA to have peace of mind that their investment will last for a long time. On the other hand, it allows this Geneva-based event planner to serve its clients with unwavering confidence.


Yumeya's chairs possess an additional asset—a remarkable durable feature—an invaluable attribute for events frequently daily uses. Thanks to the implementation of the resilient "Tiger Powder Coat," these chairs repel daily scratch, preserving their pristine appearance.Furthermore, Yumeya's chairs come equipped with special stacking technology. This facilitates effortless stacking in warehouses and streamlined transportation to events, thereby optimizing spatial efficiency. Last but not least, the extensive chair collection from Yumeya enables Swissanim SA to cater to any event's diverse needs and preferences, ensuring a customized and remarkable experience for all.


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