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Old Ground Hotel Ennis Ireland


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Location:Station Rd, Clonroad Beg, Ennis,Co. Clare, Ireland

Old Ground Hotel Ennis is an architectural marvel that dates back to the 18th century! Located in Ireland, this ivy-clad hotel is in close proximity to the Ennis train/bus station and various other local attractions.Boasting a prestigious 4-star rating, the Old Ground Hotel Ennis extends its gracious hospitality to esteemed visitors, leaving no desire unfulfilled.All the rooms in Old Ground Hotel Ennis are elegant and equipped with modern amenities such as TVs, Wi-Fi, and even coffee-making facilities. And for those who fancy a cup of tea, Old Ground Hotel Ennis offers that as well!Overall, the Old Ground Hotel Ennis is one of the best hotels in the Clare area, with its world-class hospitality services and award-winning accommodations.

Old Ground Hotel Ennis brings tradition and modernism to its esteemed guests through its architecture, food, rooms/suites, & world-class service.

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To ensure these values are upheld & represented, Old Ground Hotel Ennis uses the finest chairs from Yumeya Furniture. Within the banquet hall, these meticulously chosen chairs from Yumeya Furniture elevate comfort and durability to new heights for discerning guests. In the restaurant and lobby, these chairs feature effortless stacking and easy maintenance, making them an ideal fit for the bustling ambiance.

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The restaurant and the lobby of Old Ground Hotel Ennis are usually busy and  need to accommodate a lot of guests . But thanks to the Yumeya chairs come with special stacking technology, which makes it a breeze to stack 5-10 chairs. This means Old Ground Hotel Ennis staff can also easily bring out more chairs from storage when require. This utility of space utilization allows this 4-star hotel to always be prepared and ready to serve its esteemed guests. Moreover, the outstanding durability of these chairs is a testament to their exceptional quality. Yumeya proudly to provide 10 years frame warranty for our clients. Our chairs is easily hold up to 500 pounds without any damage. It shows that the Yumeya banquet chairs are of high quality, meeting the high frequency of daily use in hotels. People of all types of weights can sit comfortably on the chairs with peace of mind. Thanks to the Yumeya's chairs, any spillage and watermarks can be easily wiped away. Even if guests happen to spill something on these chairs at the Old Ground Hotel Ennis, it can be effortlessly wiped away, ensuring the constant availability of chairs for the comfort of esteemed visitors.

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And if we look at the whole fine dining, the chairs from Yumeya further complement the aesthetics of this place. In fact, it wouldn't be wrong to say that enjoying Irish or international cuisine while sitting on these chairs makes it a transcendental experience for the guests!

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The Old Ground Hotel Ennis also allows booking of its premise & venues for various events, including weddings. Once again, the presence of Yumeya Furniture's chairs seamlessly blends opulence, comfort, and aesthetics, encapsulating all the essential elements required for an extraordinary event!

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