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Location: Av Salvador Estrella Sadhalá esq, Santiago De Los Caballeros 51000

Alkifiesta RD is a reputable event planner known for its exceptional service throughout the Dominican Republic. The Alkifiesta RD defines itself as a company offering much more than rentals. According to them, they are your allies for setting up events from start to finish.Alkifiesta RD services include event planning, furniture rental, event coordination, and everything needed to make an event special. With over two decades of unparalleled expertise as both an event planner and rental powerhouse, Alkifiesta RD possesses the acumen to transcend ordinary occasions and transform them into extraordinary experiences.A hallmark of Alkifiesta RD lies in its unwavering commitment to the highest standards of hygiene and pristine health protocols. That's why everything is adequately sterilized, including the serving pieces and glassware. So those who are health conscious can rely on the furniture & glassware rentals of Alkifiesta RD with peace of mind.

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If we look at their product catalog, they offer everything needed to add spark to an event. Although their catalog is extensive, some items include chairs, tables, decoration pieces, table linen, mesas, etc.

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 One of the things which makes Alkifiesta RD stand out from others is its attention to detail. Depending on the event's theme, they can provide the right type of chairs that seamlessly harmonize with the aesthetic vision while providing comfort & durability. This has only become possible due to Alkifiesta RD's partnership with Yumeya Furniture!Yumeya Furniture has decades of experience in crafting the best chairs that stand the test of time while providing the utmost comfort, durability, & aesthetically pleasing looks.This fruitful partnership has benefits for Alkifiesta RD & the customers that rely on them for furniture rentals.

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For starters, the 10-year warranty on these chairs from Yumeya allows Alkifiesta RD the luxury of serving its clientele with unwavering confidence.Moreover, Yumeya's chairs exude an unparalleled sense of comfort and durability. Adorned with lavish padding, these chairs offer respite to guests attending weddings, conferences, and every event meticulously curated by Alkifiesta RD, ensuring their unabated enjoyment without a fleeting moment of discomfort.Similarly, the durability of Yumeya's chairs is also unmatched, as they can easily withstand 500 pounds of weight. But despite being so durable, they are lightweight enough to be moved around. This allows the Alkifiesta RD's staff to set up events quickly, thus delivering a quick turnaround time.And last but not least, Yumeya's chairs are also known for their aesthetics & exquisite design that elevate the overall ambiance, making the events truly unforgettable. In fact, the elegant curves, sleek lines, and innovative features make them stand out from ordinary chairs, instantly catching the eye of event attendees.

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