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Harry the hirer


Location:  81-95 Burnley St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Harry the Hirer is a furniture, equipment, & technology rental company that can turn your event ideas into reality. According to Harry the Hirer, they can help you get the party started by providing everything you need, such as furniture, design, marquees, and so on.

For those who live in Richmond (Australia), the choice to go with Harry the Hirer is a no-brainer due to their stellar reputation. Harry the Hirer's indomitable services extend far and wide, catering to a plethora of occasions such as weddings, parties, exhibitions, corporate events, conferences, and so on.

When arranging any event, one of the biggest challenges is arranging and setting up everything correctly. Thankfully, Harry the Hirer makes it possible by providing its services of creative styling, world-class furniture rentals, printing, & flooring hire!

In short, all the things that are needed to get the party started in Richmond (Australia) are provided by Harry the Hirer.

Being a reputable party rental service in Richmond, their services always stay in demand. And it isn't unusual for their furniture to be booked back to back with very little time for maintenance. Thankfully, "Harry the Hirer" relies on Yumeya Furniture to get world-class chairs that can be used for parties, corporate events, weddings, and so on.


From Harry the Hirer's discerning perspective, the superlative attributes of Yumeya's chairs reside in their unwavering durability, effortless maintenance, and aesthetic allure, each contributing to the elevation of event experiences to unprecedented heights.

Harry the hirer 1

At events, one can't tell beforehand what type of guests will attend. Fortunately, the chairs procured by Harry the Hirer possess the inherent fortitude to withstand burdens exceeding 500 pounds, resolutely ensuring inclusivity without compromising structural integrity.

Harry the hirer 2

Furthermore, the chairs from Yumeya also feature easy maintenance, allowing Harry the Hirer to prepare them for the next event immediately. These chairs from Yumeya are built with spill and stain-resistant material, allowing the Harry the Hirer staff to effortlessly clean them with a quick wipe.

Harry the hirer 3

An added virtue that distinguishes these chairs lies in their resplendent aesthetic, rendering them eminently suitable for an eclectic array of events (Birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, meetings, etc.). Depending on the occasion, Harry the Hirer provides the right type of chairs that go in line with the overall theme.

Harry the hirer 4

From side chairs to banquet chairs to arm chairs, these chairs from Yumeya continue to unswervingly uphold the virtues of durability, ease of maintenance, and resplendent allure.

However, the best feature about these chairs is that they come with a 10-year warranty. This feature made it clear to Harry the Hirer that they had to procure chairs from Yumeya Furniture only. Such a long-lasting warranty allows Harry the Hirer to have peace of mind that these chairs will continue to serve their client base for years to come.

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