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Location:6999 Av. Victoria, Montréal, QC H3W 3E9 Canada

Celebrations Group provides party equipment rentals service in the city of Montreal, Canada. With an average rating of 4.4/5.0, they are regarded as one of the best rental services in Canada.According to Celebrations Group, they have been serving their customers since 1919. This allows them to profoundly understand the elements that transmute ordinary occasions into extraordinary spectacles.Private functions, gala events, and corporate meetings alike are elevated to unprecedented heights when entrusted to the capable hands of Celebrations Group.


Besides offering catering services, they also offer event coordination services within Canada. In fact, they are known to have one of Canada's most comprehensive & largest inventories.And to top it all off, they continue adding new items to their inventory, allowing them to serve the clients without compromising on any rental needs.At the core of Celebrations Group's ethos lies their unwavering dedication to curating unforgettable and joyous moments in the lives of their customers. Celebrations Group fulfills this noble aspiration by seamlessly integrating event coordination and catering services.


Being a reputable party equipment rental service in Montreal, there's no doubt Celebrations Group has high expectations to meet! That's why when it came to chairs, they decided to procure them from Yumeya Furniture.Undeniably, no event can attain true distinction without the unparalleled quality of chairs, and Yumeya Furniture proved to be the quintessential choice for Celebrations Group.One of the best things about Yumeya Furniture is that they provide a wide variety of chairs for banquets & events without any compromise on comfort & aesthetic looks.


While Yumeya Furniture offers chairs in a myriad of styles, Celebrations Group further refines its offerings by adorning them with custom chair covers, seamlessly aligning their appearance with the overarching theme of each event.Additionally, the resolute assurance provided by the 10-year warranty on these chairs emboldens Celebrations Group, allowing them to serve their esteemed clientele with unswerving confidence.From private functions to gala events to wedding party, these chairs from Yumeya continue to set new examples of unmatched comfort & durability.


The comfort of these chairs is one of the reasons why Celebrations Group continues to enjoy its client's unwavering trust and confidence. With its ergonomic design & high-quality padding, these chairs ensure that guests continue to focus on their special events without any distractions.Similarly, the durability of these chairs also sets them apart from any other brand out there. To give you an idea, up to 500 pounds of weight is nothing for these chairs!And as a final testament to their impeccable design, all chairs from Yumeya come equipped with innovative stacking technology. This enables the Celebrations Group to store them in the warehouse easily! In addition, the stacking technology also makes it easy for them to transport these chairs to the event location effortlessly.


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