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Loation:16200 Commerce Way, Cerritos, CA

Global Event Supply specializes as an esteemed event planner and furniture distribution network. Based in Cerritos (California), they ensure that the right furniture is provided at the right time and place for the events!According to Global Event Supply, they offer a comprehensive variety of tables and chairs. Some of their offerings include folding chairs, tables, cross-back chairs, specialty chairs, Chiavari chairs, stools, etc. Basically, all the furniture and decor that's needed to orchestrate extraordinary and captivating events.With a legacy spanning over 14 illustrious years, Global Event Supply possesses an invaluable wealth of first-hand knowledge, aptly equipping them to discern the nuanced needs of events and meticulously plan for their grandeur.Similarly, they have several distribution centers in California and Texas, enabling them to offer top quality at competitive prices. Irrespective of whether their patrons aspire to rent or purchase these sublime pieces, Global Event Supply graciously attends to their desires, fulfilling their every furnishing need.The event furniture distribution network of Global Event Supply ensures that the right event equipment is available at the right time and in the right place. In addition, they also consider the event type before sending out the furniture to make sure that the right quality & right looks!

Being a distributor and an event planner in California, Global Event Supply must ensure it always stays at the forefront. To this end, they partner exclusively with the distinguished Yumeya Furniture to curate an impressive array of chairs, unparalleled in both variety and grandeur, fitting for the most discerning events.Furniture, a defining hallmark of Global Event Supply's services, is the lifeblood that courses through their very existence. But thanks to Global Event Supply's partnership with Yumeya Furniture, they can offer a wide variety of chairs for the events.Global Event Supply ensures that the right type of chairs is provided depending on the event type. Once again, this becomes possible only due to Yumeya's extensive chair collection.

If we had to define the good qualities of Yumeya's chairs in a few words, they would be comfort, durability, & easy maintenance.Regardless of chair type, Yumeya's craftsmanship revolves unequivocally around the pursuit of refined comfort. That's why if we look at the wedding chairs, cross-back chairs, specialty chairs, Chiavari chairs, or stools, all of them contain sufficient padding. This ensures that no part of the seating arrangement proves anything short of luxuriant for esteemed guests.Similarly, the durability of the chairs is also unmatched! This gives the Global Event Supply peace of mind that their furniture will last for a long time. To give you an idea, these chairs offer weight bearing capacity of 500+ pounds and get a 10-years frame warranty, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to longevity and quality. Furthermore, these chairs are used  tiger powder coat, ensuring maintain a good look for years.

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It is through these indispensable functions that the true essence and value of Yumeya's regal chairs come to fruition, ensuring that Global Event Supply continues to serve its esteemed clientele with unwavering confidence and unassailable opulence.

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