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Address:12825 Vanowen St, North Hollywood, CA 91605

Are you looking to book your next birthday party in Los Angeles but can't find the ideal venue? Maybe you are looking to host a wedding or corporate meeting? Whatever the event, you can rely on the Avana Venue Banquet Hall, located in the heart of Los Angeles (California).

Depending on the event, the Avana Venue offers various venue options. Its White Ballroom delivers captivating aesthetics that seamlessly blend the timeless with contemporary style. All of this is elevated with individualized attention & world-class catering service.

Modern Ballroom is another venue offered by Avana Venue, which features modern aesthetics intertwined with timeless elegance. This venue is perfect for birthdays, weddings, & other large events.

Avana Venue 3

Sky Lounge is the 3rd venue from Avana Venue which takes the attendees on a special sensory voyage. If the event requires open-air aesthetics with a healthy dose of outdoor freshness, then this is the ideal choice!

Avana Venue is a premium banquet hall in Los Angeles & features up to 3 different event venues. According to them, they can host corporate events, family gatherings, surprise parties, charity events, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, & so on.

The only way for Avana Venue to be able to host all these events was to make sure it had access to a big catalog of chairs. After talking with numerous chair manufacturers from around the world, Avana Venue settled with Yumeya.

Avana Venue 4

According to Avana Venue, the choice of Yumeya was an obvious one for a lot of reasons. Avana Venue had 3 distinct event venues with different aesthetic requirements, which meant they needed different styles of chairs. Surprisingly, that's not a problem, as Yumeya offers a premium range of classic, modern, & contemporary chairs!

For the White Ballroom, Yumeya has supplied its premium classic chairs, which perfectly complement the venue's aesthetics. By using Yumeya's chairs, Avana Venue has managed to add an element of sophistication to the ambiance. According to Avana Venue, Yumeya's chairs have allowed them to create a visually stunning atmosphere for events such as weddings and corporate meetings.

Avana Venue 5

In the Modern Ballroom, the inclusion of Yumeya's chairs has added a touch of contemporary flair. As a result, the modern ballroom has become an ideal choice for birthdays, weddings, and large gatherings.

The Sky Lounge is furnished with Yumeya's contemporary chairs. This choice ensures that attendees can immerse themselves in the event while enjoying the natural surroundings. For the outdoor settings, Avana Venue uses metallic chairs from Yumeya, which come with rust-resistance & water-proof properties!

Yumeya's chairs have provided several benefits that contribute to Avana Venue's success. For starters, the use of steel & aluminum in chairs ensures a durable construction & a weight-bearing capacity of 500 lbs. This promises both comfort & safety for all the attendees.

Avana Venue 6

Additionally, the 10-year warranty offered by Yumeya reflects the brand's commitment to quality and longevity. In fact, this warranty has provided Avana Venue with a reliable and lasting investment in its event furniture.

Last but not least, Yumeya's chairs have also elevated the comfort level in all of the event venues. This particular fact has allowed the Avana Venue to offer an unparallel service in the entire Los Angeles.

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