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Hotel Banquet Chair -- on the Cleaning of Hotel Furniture

Recently, the issue of hotel cleaning came into everyone's view again and caused great discussion. In fact, the cleaning standard of the hotel is much higher than that of the home cleaning. After all, in the face of different occupants, we should give them the best living experience. The hotel home cleaning has different standards.The general cleaning process can not meet the maintenance requirements of hotel furniture. Some daily cleaning methods we are used to will even lead to the damage of hotel furniture, and even affect the beauty of the whole space in serious cases. Therefore, when cleaning hotel furniture, we should pay great attention to the following aspects:1. Do not use coarse cloth or old clothes to wipe hotel furniture. Generally speaking, formal cleaning should use towels, cotton products or absorbent fabrics, such as flannelette. Because all kinds of stitches and thread ends of coarse cloth will scratch the smooth surface of furniture, bring a lot of scratches and affect the visual beauty.

Hotel Banquet Chair -- on the Cleaning of Hotel Furniture 1

2. When cleaning the dust of hotel furniture, do not wipe it with a cloth. Common dust is mainly composed of sand, fiber and other substances. These substances are easy to damage the paint surface of furniture in the friction with cloth. In the long run, it will destroy the brightness of furniture and reduce its service life. Therefore, you can use professional dust suction wipes. This material is soft and has strong dust absorption ability.3. The detergent used for furniture cleaning also has certain requirements. For example, daily soap and dishwashing detergent should be resolutely avoided, because they can not effectively remove furniture stains, which will cause certain corrosion to furniture wood, and even lead to mold or deformation of the home in serious cases. Special furniture should be used to clean the spray so that the stain can be removed.4. Not all furniture care waxes can be used for hotel furniture maintenance, because leather is usually not included in this kind of furniture. Care wax has strong aging stimulating property on leather, which will cause leather aging in a short time and seriously shorten service life. So leather furniture should choose leather

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MP003 Yumeya fashion design plastic conference chair

Являясь одним из ведущих мировых производителей мебели из металлического дерева, Yumeya занимается исследованием металлического дерева. Металлическое деревянное зерно Yumeya имеет три преимущества: «Нет стыка и нет зазора», «Cleare», «Durable». Чтобы получить прикосновение к металлическому креслу, Yumeya запустила первый в мире 3D-стул с деревянным зерном в 2018 году.

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