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New Design Wood Look Upholstery Dining Chair Factory YL1452 Yumeya 1
New Design Wood Look Upholstery Dining Chair Factory YL1452 Yumeya 2
New Design Wood Look Upholstery Dining Chair Factory YL1452 Yumeya 3
New Design Wood Look Upholstery Dining Chair Factory YL1452 Yumeya 1
New Design Wood Look Upholstery Dining Chair Factory YL1452 Yumeya 2
New Design Wood Look Upholstery Dining Chair Factory YL1452 Yumeya 3

New Design Wood Look Upholstery Dining Chair Factory YL1452 Yumeya

Yumeya YL1452 is a perfect restaurant dining chair. Constructed with metal wood grain aluminum frame, it retains the characteristics of beauty, safety and durability. It is a ideal metal frame chairs for restaurant.
1.20 yards
Can not stack
Application scenarios:
Dining, Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro, Canteen
Supply Ability:
100,000 pcs per month
100 pcs
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    Ideal Choice

    The number of available choices you have in the furniture industry is vibrant. Hence, getting the fine dining restaurant chairs for your place is a bit challenging. But, now you have Yumeya with you. The YL1452 series is the best investment you can make today for your space. Change the dynamics of your place today!

    Change the dynamics of your space to something wonderful and appealing with Yumeya YL1452 dining chair. An epitome of comfort, quality, durability, and beautiful appeal, this furniture is a perfect fit for your valuable space. This commercial dining furniture can play a critical role in enhancing the value and charm of your space. The guests visiting your place will check the vibe based on the furniture. Hence, bring in the best from Yumeya and see the magical shift of vibe it offers to your place. 

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    Beautiful Design Aluminum Wood Grain Upholstery Dining Chair

    Give your space the makeover it deserves. The unique design with a touch of modernity and elegance is what your space needs at the moment. What better option is that you can enhance your space, and that too with furniture that is durable, comfortable, elegant, charming, and top-quality?


    We consider a lot of factors when getting furniture for our space. One of the biggest and prime advantages of getting YL1452 chair is metal wood grain. Metal wood grain is a special technology that people can get the solid wood texture on the surface of metal.Metal wood grain chair brings warmth of solid wood and natures beauty,but it is as metal high strength as metal chair. It connected different tubing by welding, which will not be loosen and crack as solid wood chair. Besides, by cooperating with famous Tiger Powder Coat band, the wood grain is clear as real wood grain and 3 times durable than the same product in the market.

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    Key Feature

    ---10-year Inclusive Frame and Foam Warranty

    ---Pass strength test of EN 16139:2013 / AC: 2013 level 2 / ANS / BIFMA X5.4-2012

    ---Supports weight up to 500 pounds

    ---Resilient and Shape Retaining Foam

    ---Aluminium Body

    ---Durability And Comfort

    ---Modern Appeal


    Having comfortable furniture is such a beautiful possession! Moreover, if that comfort comes with such adorable looks, it will be the icing on the cake.

    --- The super-comfortable and ergonomically designed chair ensures you sit in a relaxed posture. Also, it keeps in check that you feel good while sitting. Furthermore,The wide back also provides comfortable support.

    --- The shape-retaining foam available in the seat will stay like new for at least five years down the line.

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    Excellent Details

    ---Smooth weld joint, no welding mark can be seen at all.

    ---Cooperated with TigerTM Powder Coat, world famous powder coat brand, 3 times more wear-resistant, daily scratch no way.

    --- The metal wood grain is clear as real wood grain

    --- No joint and no gap


    A safety chair not only has structural safety but also details safety.

    ---With the ten-year warranty on the aluminum frame, you can cherish the chair for a long time.YL1452  pass the strength test of ANS/BIFMA X5.4-2012 and EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 level 2.

    --- YL1452 is polished for at 3 times to avoid the invisible safety problems such as metal burrs that can scratch hands.

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    The level of detailing and craft you can experience with Yumeya is supreme.Yumeya Furniture use Japan imported cutting machines, welding robots, auto upholstery machines to produce chairs. There is no little scope for human error, and each product matches ultimate standards. 

    What It Looks Like In Dining?

    Beautiful. Keep the chair in your space and see the magic that unfolds. The subtle and charming color of the chair ensures that it goes well with any setting of your place, uplifting the aura to a different game. 

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