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Elegantly Vibrant  Aluminum Dining Chair Commercial YL1618 Yumeya 1
Elegantly Vibrant  Aluminum Dining Chair Commercial YL1618 Yumeya 2
Elegantly Vibrant  Aluminum Dining Chair Commercial YL1618 Yumeya 3
Elegantly Vibrant  Aluminum Dining Chair Commercial YL1618 Yumeya 1
Elegantly Vibrant  Aluminum Dining Chair Commercial YL1618 Yumeya 2
Elegantly Vibrant  Aluminum Dining Chair Commercial YL1618 Yumeya 3

Elegantly Vibrant Aluminum Dining Chair Commercial YL1618 Yumeya

Restoring the vibe at your restaurant will boost overall productivity. How will you do it? Well, the cyan green-shade aluminum beauty is the epitome of elegance, making it the perfect addition to any corner of your restaurant.
Can not be stacked
Application scenarios:
Dining, Restaurant, Cafe, Canteen, Steak House
Supply Ability:
100,000 pcs per month
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    Ideal Choice

    If you look forward to getting a piece of furniture that has simplicity paired with elegance for your space, the YL1618 modern restaurant dining chairs are the ultimate choice. This product excels in every mark of durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. Not only that, but its ergonomic design ensures supreme comfort and support. The super-soft cushion takes care of your body's posture, meeting every criterion of the ideal chair.


    Constructed with the most durable aluminum construction, this chair can support up to 500 pounds. Yumeya offers a stress-free ten-year warranty on the frame, ensuring that you do not face any challenges post-purchase. 

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    Charming And Comfortable  Metal Dining Chair

     Using the metal wood grain technology, the YL1618 metal dining chair radiates the warmth of wood without compromising durability or affordability. All thanks to the expertise used by professionals in the manufacturing process.

      It sets a benchmark in durability, affordability, and comfort, making it a must-have addition to your furniture collection. Investing in this chair is the ultimate decision for you, especially if you favor minimalistic designs. Its shape-retaining technology used in the cushioning and comfort that it provides to your body is enchanting. 

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    Key Feature

    --- 10-years Inclusive frame and molded foam  warranty

    --- Fully welding and beautiful metal wood grain finishes

    --- Supports weight up to 500 pounds

    --- Resilient and Shape Retaining Foam

    --- Sturdy aluminium body

    --- Elegance redefined


    Do you know what sets the YL1618 metal dining chair apart? It is its eternal comfort.  With its softest cushioning and excellent support to your guests, the chair ensures comfort throughout any event. The ergonomic, laid-back design allows the surface to adapt to the body's shape, eliminating fatigue.

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    Excellent Details

    YL1618 modern restaurant dining chairs personify simplicity and elegance. To add to its charm, the metal wood grain  replicates the natural wood texture, all at an affordable price. Also, the masterful upholstery ensures a flawless finish with no rough edges, giving it a truly classy look that soothes the eye of every viewer.


    Say goodbye to low-quality furniture and embrace the new era of durability with the YL1618 modern restaurant dining chairs. Crafted using a robust 2.0 mm aluminum frame, the chair can confidently bear a weight of 500 lbs. Yumeya offers an amazing 10-year warranty on the frame and it passed the strength test of EN16139:2013/AC :2013 level 2 and ANS / BIFMA X5.4-2012.

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    Yumeya utilizes cutting-edge Japanese technology, advanced machinery, welding robots, and automated upholstery machines, eliminating the scope of any human error. This detailed process ensures that all customers receive nothing but the best for their spaces.

    What It Looks Like In Dining & Cafe ?

    Perfectly elegant! The YL1618 metal dining chair is designed to enhance the overall appeal of any place, especially a restaurant. Yumeyas metal wood grain chair have no holes and no seams,it will not support the growth of bacteria and viruses. In addition, YL1618 is very easy to clean and  will not leave any water stains.  Meanwhile, Yumeya cooperated with Tiger powder coat, a famous powder that is much than 3 time durable than the similar products in the market. For Yumeyas metal wood grain chair,even if you look closely,  you will have an illusion that this is a solid wood chair.  

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