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Comfortable Commercial Dining Chairs YT2189 Yumeya 1
Comfortable Commercial Dining Chairs YT2189 Yumeya 2
Comfortable Commercial Dining Chairs YT2189 Yumeya 3
Comfortable Commercial Dining Chairs YT2189 Yumeya 1
Comfortable Commercial Dining Chairs YT2189 Yumeya 2
Comfortable Commercial Dining Chairs YT2189 Yumeya 3

Comfortable Commercial Dining Chairs YT2189 Yumeya

YT2189 exudes an elegant and simplistic appearance, enhancing the ambiance when arranged around tables in cafes and restaurants. With a robust frame and high-quality cushion foam, it embodies both strength and comfort.
0.73 yards
Can be stacked for 8 pcs
Application scenarios:
Dining, Restaurant, Cafe, Bistro, Club, Village Pub, Canteen, Steak House
Supply Ability:
100,000 pcs per month
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    Ideal Choice

    The YT2189 boasts a sturdy frame coated with Tiger powder and premium-quality cushion foam, making it an ideal choice for restaurants and cafes. With durability that withstands daily use, the captivating colors of both the fabric and frame are sure to entice your guests. Additionally, it can support heavy weights up to 500 lbs for extended periods and includes a 10-year frame warranty. 

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    Fashionable And Sturdy Modern Dining Chairs

    YT2189 captivating elegance captures attention instantly. Its enduring modern design ensures it remains a timeless piece for years to come. Crafted with superior-quality materials, this chair guarantees exceptional durability. In order to reduce the wear and tear of the chair and extend its service life. Yumeya also specially installs a wear-resistant foot plug on each chair foot.

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    Key Feature

    --- Crafted With Premium-Quality Steel Frame.

    --- Utilizes Tiger Coat For Superior Durability.

    --- Capable Of Withstanding Up To 500 Lbs.

    --- Backed By A 10-Year Frame Warranty.

    --- Vivid color combinations


    The YT2189 stands unrivaled in the market for its unparalleled comfort among commercial side chairs. Its high-density, premium cushion foam and padded backrest offer exceptional support to the hips, spine, and back muscles, ensuring enduring comfort. Users experience a remarkable absence of fatigue even during extended sitting periods on this chair.

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    Excellent Details

    Every aspect of this chair emanates soothing vibes, while the upholstery ensures supreme comfort. Yumeya cooperated with Tiger Powder Coat that is 3 times durable  more than the similar product in the market. Therefore, the color of the frame surface can maintain a long-lasting and vibrant effect.


    At Yumeya, utmost care is taken to prioritize the safety and well-being of our customers during every manufacturing process. Each piece undergoes meticulous polishing to eliminate any welding burs that could pose a risk. Our chairs are exceptionally stable and durable, offering peace of mind throughout extended sitting periods.

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    Yumeya stands as a prominent furniture brand in the market due to its unwavering commitment to maintaining high manufacturing standards, even when producing commercial chairs in bulk. Yumeya used the welding robots and automatic grinder imported from Japan that can controlled the error within 3mm.

    What It Looks Like In Dining?

    The YT2089 exudes a stunning allure, elevating the ambiance of restaurants or cafes with its modern, sleek design that effortlessly complements its surroundings. Yumeya specializes in crafting high-quality commercial furniture, designed to enhance our customers' businesses. Our products boast exceptional durability and come backed by a 10-year frame warranty, requiring minimal maintenance for long-lasting reliability.

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