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I want to share you an effective extension of solid wood chair.This new product can develop your market and customer group.As a new product in the market,maybe many people dont know what is the metal wood grain?Actually,Metal wood grain is    through the metal wood grain technology, the metal chair has the same wood grain texture as solid wood chair.With a sleek and rustic design, the metal wood grain chair provides a balance to those looking to update their decor without sacrificing durability. A sleek and rustic design goes well with any decoration and furniture ensemble.Constructed from a sturdy fully welded frame, a powder coated finish is applied to give this metal chair a wood grain appearance.

Strength of Aluminum with Wood Look

Metal is stronger but wood is more attractive. This chair embodies both with its wood looking strong metal frame.Use 6-series aluminum which is the highest level in the furniture industry.The thickness is more than 2mm, and some stress position is more than 4mm.

15-16 degree hardness of aluminum, exceeding the international standard of 14 degrees.Patented strength tubing and structures, that can greatly enhance the strength of the chair.

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This is why we can provide a ten-year frame warranty to all chairs.During 10 years, if there is any quality problem, Yumeya will replace a new chair for you. You only need to care about sales, I will be responsible for quality and after-sales service.We are the first enterprise to provide a 10-year frame warranty of seating in china.As a leading manufacturer in China, we think that Quality is the soul of an enterprise. Only excellent quality can win stable customers , good reputation, and create a good brand image. We not only insist to produce high level stable products,but also keep developing new products and new technology. Meanwhile, we keep products in high cost performance in order to be competitive in market. Same quality our price is most reasonable. 

When it comes to quality, many people think that good quality is just some ordinary details. But in our view,good quality includes: safety, comfort, standard, details and package.

Safety:As a commercial furniture, the safety of chairs is particularly important, because it is not only related to the safety of daily use, but also includes the reputation of a brand. If the chair is not firm, the guest is injured or there is a metal thorn on the surface of the chair, which stabs our guest. This will not only make us lose this customer, but also bring a series of chain effects.


If you use our chairs, then you don't have to worry about this problem, Because we have long been aware of this problem and pay special attention to security.So we Patented strength tubing and structures, that can greatly enhance the strength of the chair.Besides,we Use 6-series aluminum which is the highest level in the furniture industry.The thickness is more than 2mm, and some stress position is more than 4mm.15-16 degree hardness of aluminum, exceeding the international standard of 14 degrees.A wood look chair but never loosens. No other chairs is up to the task.

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Comfort:A chair looks simple, but the structure of its components is also complex. In the field of commercial furniture, few people can really understand it.Such as the radian of the chair is also very important, but not many people know what radian a comfortable chair should be.You don't have to worry about making you restless, backache When you buy our chairs.Our chairs are all designed according to ergonomics. 101 Degrees, the best pitch of the back makes it nice to lean against. 170 Degrees, perfect back radian, perfectly fit the back radian of the user.3-5 Degrees, the suitable seat surface inclination, effective support of lumbar spine of the user.Moreover,We use high-density foam, 45kg per cubic meter.It can not only prolong the service life of the sponge, but also keep the appearance of a chair unchanged for ten years.

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Standard:As a leading manufacturer in China, Our goal is definitely not to make a good chair, our goal is to make a batch of chairs, so that each chair looks the same.We use the cutting machine imported from Japan, and the error is controlled within 1mm. This can make the incision of the pipe more flat, and it is also the basis for our chairs to maintain unity and the same appearance.In addition, our cloth touching machine is also a very important part of standardization, because it will not cause the height of the upholstery of the chair to vary due to different workers' different strength. When a batch of chairs are put together, they look the same, which is the significance of realizing our standardization.


Detail:when you receive a Yumeya metal wood grain chair,You can't believe it's actually made of a metal chair. The effect is exactly the same as that of solid wood. You can't help but sigh that you made a right decision.There is no welding mark can be seen at all. It's like being produced with a mold..In addition, we use tiger powder, which can make the color of wood grain clearer and the wear resistance is three to five times that of similar products.

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Moreover, she is antibacterial, which is particularly important for a chair with antibacterial effect in an environment where the epidemic has become normalized.Because it is not like a solid wood chair, it will have many pores after a long time, which can breed viruses and bacteria. The metal wood grain is non porous and cannot create conditions for viruses and bacteria.

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Production process of metal wood grain chairs in Yumeya Furniture
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