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“Environment protection” has become the most popular subject in the world.Maybe this is a constant topic of all over the world.Environment protection is the preservation of the environment.This is the place where we live.In my opinion, protection is divided into two categories,One is to protect the important things that have not been destroyed, and the other is to protect the rare things that have been destroyed. Yumeya Furniture are committed to best environmental practice. As a leading industrial enterprise, we recognise our responsibility to the environment and are committed to achieving best environmental practice. Our mission is to ensure that innovative equipment and services with high standard quality and performance are provided in a sustainable manner. Based on a company with a sense of social responsibility, we can create value for customers.

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Yumeya has been aware of this problems and solved the problem by invented the metal wood grain chair in many years ago.Actually Metal Wood Grain Chair is metal chair, so it is as high strength as metal chair. Besides, it connects different tubing by welding, which will not be loosen and crack as solid wood chair when there is change of humidity and temperature in the air.As a large number of trees need to be cut during the manufacturing process of solid wood chairs, it will cause water and soil loss, land desertification, river siltation, flood disasters and damage to the ecological environment.However, metal wood grain will not only not cause damage to ecological resources, but also have the same appearance as real wood.And the metal wood grain chair is made of aluminum. As we all know, aluminum can be reused.When most of manufacturer in the industry uses 6063 standard aluminum, Yumeya has taken the lead use of 6061, the higher grade aluminum, which can make the hardness is improved more than 2 times.The thickness of Yumeya’s Metal Wood Grain Chair is more than 2.0mm, and the stressed parts is even more than 4mm.All Yumeya’s Metal Wood Grain Chair adopts Yumeya’s patented tubing & structure - Reinforced tubing & Built in structure. The strength is at least doubled than the regular.15-16 degree hardness of aluminum, exceeding the international standard of 14 degrees.Clients are only willing to stay in a safe environment. Safety mean clients will not be hurt during use, whether structural or invisible, such as metal thorns. So a safety chair can free you from the trouble of after-sales service and Brand damage.

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 Yumeya is continuously working to increase the level of sustainability of our customers’ workplaces. Durability and timeless design play a major role in the sustainability of products.


Unnecessary and unusable furniture is the worst kind of waste. According to a report by the European Environmental Bureau, companies and consumers in the European Union area dispose of 10 million tonnes of furniture annually. Most of this waste ends up in landfill or is incinerated.In production, we seek to ensure that each product is more durable and of such a high quality that it can be used for a long time.It is impossible for a chair not to collide, especially for the banquet & cafe chairs that needs to be moved frequently. These can lead to scratch & scuffs, causing both a bad first impression and costly furniture replacement. The wear resistance of surface treatment will be particularly important. After testing the powders of different brands at home and abroad, we finally finalized the cooperation with Tiger Powder Coat. The wear resistance of Tiger Powder Coat is 3-5 times that of Chinese powder coat brands. Meanwhile, the price is lower than the other brands with the same wear resistance. Besides, Tiger Powder Coat is a green product, there are no lead, cadmium and other toxic substances. All these make the products more competitive. Now Yumeya’s Metal Wood Grain Chair can easily deal with daily collisions. You will be surprised to find that Yumeya’s Metal Wood Grain Chair can maintain the good look for years. Yumeya high-quality chair and a 10-year frame warranty can make you worry free after-sales and really realize 0 maintenance cost. 

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Last but not least,Accordingly, Yumeya Furniture does:

1.Comply with all relevant legal requirements and have a system in place to ensure legislative changes are implemented.

2.Set targets and objectives for environmental performance and ensure these are monitored and reviewed.

3.Strive to continually improve the company’s overall environmental performance by achieving the objectives and targets set.

4.Wherever practicable, utilise materials and products which originate from sustainable sources and which are reusable or can be recycled and which it has been established are environmentally sensitive.

5.Continue to invest in improved energy efficiency and energy conservation.

Control the creation of waste and wherever practicable, recycle materials. Waste and particularly hazardous wastes and effluents will be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. The company is committed to prevention of pollution be it to noise, air, land or water.


6. Design and produce products with a long life and for ease of refurbishment so that frame parts can be reused.

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