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The hard and soft strength of Yumeya Furniture


Yumeya is a manufacturer of metal chairs and is located in Heshan city with a large plant which is 20000 . Yumeya is a big family that includes more than 200 workers, 15 quality checkers and 10 engineers. This is enough to see that it is a very strong company, and pay much attention to product quality. The monthly production capacity of wood grain arm chairs can reach up to 40000pcs. The complete product line is the key for Yumeya to provide stable and high-quality products. The production mode of independent production and rejection of outward processing enables Yumeya to be the first company in realizing 25 days quick ship in customized furniture industry. Meanwhile, it can effectively protect the copyright of customers and avoid vicious competition. Providing customers with high quality products is Yumeyas business philosophy and purpose.

The hard and soft strength of Yumeya Furniture 1

The hard and soft strength of Yumeya Furniture 2

Why is Yumeyas production so efficient and with high quality? The answer are as follow:

Firstly, Yumeya has become one of the factories with the most modern equipment in the whole industry. Yumeya Furniture has 5 Japan imported Welding Robots. It can weld 500 chairs a day, three times more efficient than human. With unified standard, the error can be controlled within 1mm. Secondly, Yumeya has automatic grinder. Polish all welded joints in accordance with uniform standards to ensure that all welded joints are smooth and even, such as integrated forming. Thirdly, the automatic transportation line connects all links of production, which can effectively save the cost and time of transportation. Meanwhile, it can effectively avoid the collision while transport, ensure all products are best protected. Fouthly, Yumeya uses PCM machine. Automatically cut the paper through one-to-one comparison between the frame and wood grain paper, which improves the efficiency by more than 5 times and greatly reduces the cost. Last but not the least, Yumeya has two strength test machine base on the standard of ANS/BIFMA X5.4-2012 and EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 level 2. With 10 years frame warranty, Yumeya promise to replace a new chair within 10 years if the problem is causing by structure problem.

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The hard and soft strength of Yumeya Furniture 4

In addition to its powerful hardware strength, Yumeya also has certain software strength. For example,Yumeya is equipped with advanced technologies such as metal wood grain, 3D metal wood grain, outdoor metal wood grain, powder coat, DOU TM powder coat, diamond. Yumeya has always been committed to promoting the technique of metal wood grain, which can make a chair getting a wood look and touch in a metal chair. After making the metal frame, it needs 5 processes to complete the production of metal wood grain, which is cut wood grain paper, stick wood grain paper, perfect match, bake and clean. Besides, we have excellent quality check system. In hardware department, all Yumeya Chairs will undergo at least 4 department, more than 10 times QC before packaged. Here at least 4 QC are required in this department, 'raw material', 'QC after Bending', 'QC check after welding', 'sampling inspection of finished frames'. Only the process, structure and size of the frame are correct, and the surface of the frame is smooth without metal thorns, it is a qualified product. In wood grain department, The color difference in the same batch is caused by many factors. In order to avoid this problem, we need to conduct quality inspection at least 3 times in this link to ensure the consistency of color. In upholstery department, details are the key point to experience high-end quality. Therefore, we can't relax in the upholstery link. After more than 3 times of QC, our cushion are smooth and full, and the foam is comfortable and high rebound. In package department, we will check all parameters according to the customer's order, including size, surface treatment, fabrics, accessories, etc to make sure it is the right chair that the client order. At the same time, we will check whether the surface of the chair is scratched and clean one by one. Only when 100% of the goods pass the sampling inspection, this batch of large goods will be packed. Meanwhile, in order reassure customers,Yumeya provides unique video inspection service in the industry. You can check the status and progress of your goods through your mobile at any time. Whats more, Yumeya also has many powerful partners. In hotel industry, Yumeya cooperates with Emaar. In cafe industry, yumeya has a long term partnership with HK-meixin. In fast food industry, Yumeya also keep a long well with Panda. In wedding indrustry, Yumeya is one of the friendly partners of Zoom Art. These are the reflection of Yumeyas strength in hardware and software.

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Yumeya, a powerful furniture manufacturing company in China. We have been committed to developing high-quality and environmentally friendly furniture, as well as providing customers with high-quality services. We are looking forward to establishing a good business relationship with you.

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