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Yumeya Metal Wood Grain is Becoming More and More Popular


Yumeya is known worldwide for its metal wood grain technology. Since 1998, Mr. Gong, founder of Yumeya Furniture and founder of metal wood grain, created the world's first metal wood grain chair. Since then, Yumeya has remained a world leader in developing the best-quality metal wood grain chairs!

Yumeya Metal Wood Grain is Becoming More and More Popular 1

Metal wood grain technology is the unique combination of the true grain and color of natural wood with the strength and durability of lightweight metal. It is a new type of eco-friendly furniture that fulfills the human desire to be close to nature without cutting down trees.

Currently, Yumeya has 4 complete product categories, including hotel furniture, restaurant furniture, wedding type furniture and healthcare & senior living furniture. Metal wood grain technology has evolved from limited utilization to widespread application, now it can be used in various product categories. Besides,customers can select beautiful products directly from our extensive catalog, or you can send us styles and our strong engineering team will customize your exact design and functional requirements according to your needs.

Yumeya's Success on Social Media

This year, Yumeya celebrated the 25th anniversary of its groundbreaking Metal Wood Grain Technology. As more and more customers get to know metal wood grain technology and like the metal wood grain chairs, it pushes us to be more and more persistent and inspires us to reach new heights.

Reputation is everything, especially in a challenging economic environment. Today, we are proud to say that online data shows our brand has gained widespread recognition. We used social media to redefine our brand's reach and leave a lasting impact on the target audience.

l Facebook is a powerful platform for building brand awareness on social media. Yumeya's page has 145.5k+ followers which is a sign of our strong brand presence. We successfully boost brand awareness on social media and Yumeya metal wood grain is increasingly recognized by more people.  Follow us for the latest news: https://www.facebook.com/yumeyafurniture/

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l YouTube is a valuable platform for building brand awareness on social media.  On YouTube, the entire user base has a wide reach, and we can spread their message to viewers through video content. By doing this, we get 15k followers on YouTube and the presentation of Yumeya metal wood grain has also won 1,441,316 views!It provides a strong brand presence and increase brand credibility. Follow us for the latest news: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb8kK9buXXgXmmva6j_QKFQ

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l LinkedIn is a valuable platform for building brand awareness. Yumeya participate in industry-specific discussions and share valuable content about metal wood grain chair that help us establish brand authority and attract potential customers


Why Choose Yumeya Furniture

ü We are the pioneers of Metal Wood Grain Technology! So there's no one with more experience and expertise than Yumeya. With more than 25 years Metal Wood Grain Chair manufacturer experienceYumeya is the right supplier for your new business. So if you want durable, stylish, and high-quality metal wood grain chairs, Yumeya is the only choice.

ü Yumeya metal wood grain chair can bear more than 500 pounds and with 10-years frame warranty. The quality philosophy of Yumeya, “Good Quality=Safety+Comfort+Standard+Detail+Package”. For example, when it comes to details, the metal wood grain chair made by Yumeya has realistic solid wood texture and many clients have such a misunderstand that Yumeya deliver the wrong goods of solid wood chair.

ü Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs are environmentally conscious, both in terms of the production process and the finished product. Fulfill your desire to be close to nature without compromising on durability — it's a win-win between environment and Yumeya.

ü Yumeya development department are lead by Yumeya developer Mr Gong, all team member is with the experience of over 20 years. Therefore, we can ensure production efficiency and solve problems encountered in production. Besides, we can craft customized chairs based on your unique design and functional requirements.

See What The Customers Say

Nothing speaks louder than the reviews of actual Yumeya customers.

  1. “Yumeya chairs are comfortable and durable for people of all shapes and sizes. Also, for me being a wedding chair wholesaler, Yumeya’s chairs have a strong wear resistance and keep looking good even after many years of use. I am happy to hear that my guests say so to me.” ---Morad, the wedding chairs wholesaler in Morocco.
  2.  “We appreciate Yumeya's chairs because they work well and stand up to rigorous use. Having worked with Yumeya for 8 years, every batch of chairs I receive is perfect. I have not received any complaints from my customers. In the future, I will keep cooperating with Yumeya” Mr.matsuo shinnosuke, Head of Make and See
  3. "Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs look great and are easy to clean and sanitise, which helps put my guests at ease.In addition, the metal woodgrain chairs are lightweight, so my staff can effortlessly transport them to various spaces and store them with relative ease. Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs are also stackable, which is great for saving on transport costs and storage space. "---Mr. Iriyama, Head of Trade Company


Choosing Yumeya isn't just about selecting furniture; it's about investing in a legacy of quality, innovation, and a brand that resonates globally. When you choose Yumeya, you choose the future of seating perfection. Dive into the Yumeya experience — where every chair is a masterpiece, and every customer is a part of our success story. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs.

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