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How to Select the Perfect Contract Chairs for Your Restaurant


The recipe for a successful restaurant includes tasty food, good aesthetics, and the ideal furniture. Speaking of furniture, the most significant element is chairs without any doubt. If you think about it, chairs are the one element that is used by hundreds of people every single day. So, it makes sense to prioritize durability when buying contract chairs for restaurantsHowever, durability is just the start, as the style of chairs also matters! After all, chairs are visible from every angle and are most often the first thing noticed by guests. In fact, chairs are also bound to appear in every picture of your restaurant. So, it is safe to say that a restaurant should consider chairs as their brand ambassadors!

The bottom line is that a restaurant owner needs to be really careful when selecting chairs. That's why we will share some valuable tips that will make it a breeze to select the ideal contract chairs for your restaurant.

 How to Select the Perfect Contract Chairs for Your Restaurant 1

1. Consider the Style

To find the ideal chair style, start by looking at the theme of your restaurant first. From the location to the architecture to interior design, all of these things are important for finding the ideal chairs.

If your restaurant has a modern theme, you should go with modern chairs. Similarly, classic settings require classic chairs, while contemporary themes can be complemented with chairs of similar style.

In terms of style, we can divide the chairs into three categories:

· Classic

· Contemporary

· Modern

Modern restaurant dining chairs  are characterized by clean, straight lines, minimalism, and and the use of metal. The basic concept behind modern chairs is "less is more," which is exhibited in every single element. The use of metal like stainless steel, chrome, and aluminum also promises the type of durability needed by most restaurants. 

These days, it is even possible to get modern chairs that resemble traditional wood structures but are built from metal. These chairs are called wood grain metal chairs and usually fall into the category of contemporary style. However, such chairs can also be found in modern designs as well. Speaking of contemporary design, it blends different styles and themes with simple and clean lines. In fact, we can even say that contemporary chairs combine classic and modern design elements.

The last type is classic chairs, which feature the traditional style with intricate details. The classic chairs come in different styles and usually represent a specific era and time.

So, consider the theme (classic, contemporary, or modern) of your restaurant when buying the ideal contract chairs.

 How to Select the Perfect Contract Chairs for Your Restaurant 2

2. Side Chairs or Armchairs?

The next question to ask is whether you need side chairs or armchairs. Generally speaking, both types of chairs are ideal for restaurants.

Restaurant side chairs are more compact and take less space as they are without arms. This makes them ideal for restaurants with limited space as they create dynamic arrangements without congestion. In addition, side chairs also make it possible for restaurants to fit in a few extra chairs.

Another option is armchairs, which take up more space but also offer a more comfortable design. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner, armchairs can offer the ideal combination of comfort and durability. The extra comfort offered by armchairs is due to their armrests, which can provide support during dining.

If you decide to pick armchairs, make sure to double-check the height of the armrests. A height that's too little or too high can cause discomfort to the guests rather than comfort!


3. Durability Is Essential

The one deciding factor that separates a residential chair from a contract chair for restaurants is DURABILITY. A residential chair is only used by a handful of people, but hundreds of people use a restaurant chair! This constant and heavy use means a restaurant contract chair needs to be more durable and structurally sound than other chairs. That's why when you are selecting contract chairs for restaurants, pay close attention to the materials used in them. Start by looking at the material used in the frame - If possible, opt for metallic chairs as they offer a higher degree of durability than plastic or wooden chairs.

Another benefit of opting for metallic chairs is that they are fire-resistant. Since restaurants are classified as public places, they need to be extra careful about fulfilling the fire regulations of their respective areas. We all know that wood or plastic can easily catch fire, but there's no such problem with metallic chairs. Next up is the upholstery material, which should also be highly durable. As a general rule of thumb, the fabrics used in the restaurant chair's upholstery must be able to withstand 80,000 cycles without any abrasion.

 How to Select the Perfect Contract Chairs for Your Restaurant 3

4. Maintenance Is Key

What would happen if a guest spilled a drink on the chairs? And what if some food item drops on your brand-new chair? Any of this can happen in a restaurant as it is considered a routine matter! So, another thing you need to check when selecting contract chairs for restaurants is easy maintenance. The fabric used in the restaurant chairs should be stain-resistant and waterproof. By choosing chairs built with waterproof and stain-resistant chairs, the restaurant staff can easily wipe the chairs clean.

Another factor that promotes easy maintenance is the material used in the frame of the chair. Wood looks good, but it can absorb liquid and other materials, which can lead to bacterial contamination and mold growth. Not to mention that removing the spills and stains from wooden surfaces can be challenging. That's why it is best to go with metallic chairs, as they are easier to clean. In fact, aluminum or stainless steel chairs are also rust-proof, which helps with easy maintenance.

Want to know the best part? You can still get the charm and timeless elegance of wood by choosing wood grain metal chairs!


5. Stackable Design

Space is a precious commodity for restaurants, which gives rise to the importance of stackable design! One of the biggest benefits of restaurant stackable chairs is that you can save floor space by stacking chairs on top of each other. From transport to storage, choosing contract chairs with a stackable design offers benefits with zero drawbacks. Choosing stackable chairs also allows your restaurant to have multiple designs in the storage room. So whether you need to host a wedding or a formal business meeting in your restaurant, you can stay ready!

So, when you are on the lookout for wholesale contract chairs for restaurants, don't forget the benefits of stackable design.



Selecting the right contract chairs for a restaurant involves careful consideration of style, durability, maintenance, and several other factors. That's why it is best to choose only a reliable supplier of restaurant chairs who know first-hand about the problems faced by commercial spaces!

At Yumeya, we pride ourselves on the fact that many restaurants around the world rely on us for their chairs. Whether you need a modern, classic, or contemporary chair for your restaurant, Yumeya offers it all! We also offer a 10-year frame warranty on our chairs, ensuring long-lasting quality for restaurant owners.

So what are you waiting for? Contact one of our experts today to discuss which chairs will be ideal for your restaurant.

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