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Yumeya Furniture 2024 Dealer Conference


     Happy New Year from Yumeya Furniture!

Thank you for your continued interest and support of Yumeya. We are proud and grateful to have all of you as our partners, Yumeya look back on a successful year with many great projects cooperation, such as Yumeya Global Product Promotion Tour, Yumeya successful event--Canton Fair, Yumeya Metal Wood Grain 25 years anniversary celebration and so on. Our relentless efforts and dedication to innovation have led us to scale new heights. Now Yumeya Metal wood grain chair is an irresistible trend, it become more and more popular in our customer group.

   In order to effectively help our customers start a Metal Wood Grain Chair new business, combined with 25 years of experience in Metal Wood Grain Chairs, we Yumeya will hold a Global Dealers’ Conference live broadcast on 17th,January,2024.  That’s much welcomed to come to Yumeya factory and attend together.

Yumeya new dealers’ support policy of 2024. At Yumeya, we understand the challenges that come with starting a new business. So we launch a policy “Easy way to start business with Yumeya”, our client only need to concentrate on sales, and all other marketing jobs will be handed over to Yumeya. It make the cooperation between customers and Yumeya became easily.

So If you want to cooperate with Yumeya or want to be our main dealer of any countries and areas. Be sure to check out the Yumeya 2024 Dealer Conference, where we'll be detailing the contents of our policy. In the meantime, the new 2024 products will be unveiled soon and you can't afford to miss them! Please keep an eye out for our latest updates!

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Welcome to the Yumeya Dealer Conference Live Streaming
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