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Yumeya Global Ground Promotion In Dubai


Since the opening of COVID-19, Yuemya has regained enthusiasm. The 2023 Yumeya Global Tour New Product Promotion activity is in full swing. Our first stop was Dubai, United Arab Emirates. There, Yumeya showcased a series of new products to Dubai's customers, aimed at meeting the needs of designers and hotel professionals seeking stylish and comfortable furniture solutions. Through visiting Dubai and communicating with our clients, I believe that Dubai is a vast market with infinite potential, where I have found positive prospects

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 Take advantage of this rare opportunity to deepen Dubai's customers' understanding of Yumeya. It’s a perfect time to for customers to get a hands-on look at our products and explore each chair, feel the weight, strength, construction quality, and most importantly, sit down and feel comfortable,seeing for yourself  the quality and craftsmanship that sets our products apart.

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Dubai's customers have a high demand for product quality and definition, while they constantly praise our products. What does this mean?Yumeya focuses on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, and promises to provide fashionable and practical items to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our new product can arouse the interest of Dubai customers and have expressed their intention to cooperate.Our Dubai tour is of great value and a meaningful event, which has enabled us to have a deeper level of cooperation and development with Dubai clients

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Next, let's review the main new products for the current period:

Key features

---10years frame and foam warranty

---High strength aluminum tube

---Environmentally friendly powder coat finish surface

---Flexible and comfortable

---Patented CF

---Available in various fabric and powder coat colors

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NeoWB series

You will appreciate the feel of our flex-back on this series that reclines slightly for individualized comfort. The flex back chairs accessory is 7mm thickness, which is thicker than the same products in the market and has a longer service life. Besides, Yumeya use a clever heat transfer process to give the look of real wood on the aluminum surface. Metal wood grain technology breaks the stereotypical appearance of the traditional flex back chairs.

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T-WB series

   Metal wood grain flex back chairs can recline slightly for specially comfort.The seat maintains healthy ergonomics and keeps your guests comfortable and focused during meetings and events. The 10 years frame and mold foam warranty make your business more competitive. These chairs feature in safety, strength and durability.Yumeya  metal wood-grain flex back chair gives you a refreshing feel and is ideal modern and elegant banquet and event chair.

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Frederick-S series YY6137


The YY6137 flex back chair is a modern and elegant banquet and event chair, designed specifically to improve the experience of seating. The seat back is fully upholstered and features our patented flex-back recline system, which allows guests to recline slightly for individualized seating comfort. Yumeya patented CFTM structure(CF:Carbon Fiber) make this flex back chair more comfortable and longer service time, helping the clients earn more chips under the same chair appearance and function

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The Global Tour New Product Promotion continue to trend in 2023. The next stop in Morocco is ready to depart and we will meet soon. Whether you're in the market for new furniture or just looking for inspiration, stop by to say hi and see our exciting furniture collections. We are look forward to sharing some of our most popular collections.



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