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Nice to meet the Italian designers


Yumeya is honored to have a conversation with the famous Italian designers. Adriano Baldanzi and Alessandro Novelli are famous Italian designers. 30 years of experience have allowed them to develop a great design culture and a deep knowledge of the available technology and the real demands of the different markets, to the point that they are considered more partners than designers by the companies that choose them.They are considered among the best Italian designers in the seating and office furniture sector, and no only.The designers have rich design experience, we discussed the design concept of new products and reached a common vision there. In addition to excellent representative works, their distinctive design views and value propositions are deeply admired and recognized by us. Today, the design studio operates in different parts of the world and is able to meet a wide range of needs. From Italy to northern Europe, from China to South America, now the world needs them. Two designers in the product design by the major brand recognition, this cooperation with Yumeya is hit it off, strong together.

Nice to meet the Italian designers 1

As the world's leading metal wood grain furniture manufacturer, Yumeya has been engaged in the industry for decades, with professional strength and executive team. With its strong influence, professionalism, credibility, precision, it has successfully cooperated in more than 80 countries and areas in 10000 cases. Yumeya is constantly burning creativity and integrating new cultural characteristics, refreshing people's qualitative cognition of Yumeya high-quality products. So how do you find your furniture in the complicated world of products? One of the core value of designers is to make unique and differentiated products in such a highly competitive furniture market. It is easy to make a design, and it is not difficult to make a differentiated design. What is difficult is to make a practical and good design with differentiation and innovation. The significance of seeking external cooperation at the moment is that designers have the idea to break this magic spell and break through the bottleneck of innovation. Hope to use the external design power and design experience, to stimulate their own team innovation vitality, improve their own innovation ability and integrate with the world's advanced furniture design.

Decades of experience at furniture manufacturing, we take pride in putting our customers first by offering a product and service package second to none.We have our own philosophy on how to make products, all Yumeyas Metal wood grain chairs can bear more than 500 pounds and with 10-years frame warranty.

100%Environment friendly. Yumeya Metal Wood Grain is a special technology that people can get the solid wood texture on the surface of metal. As a member of nature, human beings have a nature desire to be closer to nature.Metal wood grain has solid wood texture, it can meet peoples desire to return to nature without cutting down trees. At the same time, metal is a recyclable resource and will not cause any pressure on the environment.

Shorten the return on investment cycle. Metal Wood Grain Chair has an obvious advantage,it can effectively shorten the investment return cycle of your customers.

lLow price--- Same quality level,50-60% cheaper than solid wood chair

lLow operating cost ---Yumeya special stacking technology can stack 5-10 pcs high,which can save more than 50-70% of the cost whether in transportation or daily storage.Meanwhile, 50% lightweight than same quality level solid wood chairs, no special requirements for staff. Even a girl can move easily.

lLow maintenance cost---10 years frame warranty, no need to replace costly furniture. Easy clean, no watermark will be left and any spillage can be easily wiped off. Lasting durability, using Tiger Powder coat, 3 times wear-resistant, won’t get banged up.

 Ergonomic. Every chair we design is ergonomic.

---101 Degrees, the best pitch of the back makes it nice to lean against.

---170 Degrees, perfect back radian, perfectly fit the back radian of the user.

---3-5 Degrees, the suitable seat surface inclination, effective support of lumbar spine of the user.


Conclusion:Yumeya Furniture was the first to develop the idea of wood grain metal chairs.There are various designs and styles and suitable for tall events, including café chairs, wedding chairs, meeting chairs, etc. More designs will be added to our products in the coming days. Follow us and you will receive the latest product information at the first time.

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