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Memories Of Yumeya's First Moroccan Order


From July 3rd to July 15th, Yumeya sales team will start our third station of global product promotion, Morocco. After 3 years of the epidemic, we were unable to meet you face to face, during which time Yumeya has made great strides in its metal wood grain products and technology, which we are eager to share with you.

Memories Of Yumeya's First Moroccan Order 1

Morocco is a romantic and historic country with a long coastline that offers endless scenery and a unique combination of traditional architecture and modern living. Yumeya wedding chair, including french style chair, stainless steel chair and chiavari chairs are now very popular in the region.

The first cooperation between Yumeya and a Moroccan company was initiated in 2018. A purchasing executive from a multinational trader clicked on Yumeya's website and sent an inquiry for a wedding chair, their first purchase of wedding furniture, and they need some advice for the chair choosing.

Memories Of Yumeya's First Moroccan Order 2

For wedding chair arrangement venue, for sale or hire, the following aspects should be considered before placing an order:

--Local Preferences for Wedding Venues and Styles

Wedding themes are very diverse, including rustic barn themes, extravagant settings, outdoor weddings, marquees, hotels and banqueting centers and more, so you should choose according to what is popular in your local area. The chiavari chair is one of the most popular wedding chairs, suitable for both outdoor and indoor weddings, and will look great bare or with a fabric cover. An elegant manor house or ballroom is more suited to the elegant French style chair, and its luxurious look can be an accent to the venue. Stainless steel chairs are more suited to modern function rooms and are used to create an atmospheric and elegant atmosphere.

--Choose The Right Colour For The Frame And Cushions

Don't forget to consider the colour, which is closely related to the overall style of the wedding. Gold chairs will look elegant and luxurious at a wedding. White chairs are also a regular feature at dream weddings, creating a stand-out atmosphere, while clear chairs will be particularly playful and enjoyed by young couples. For a different flavour to the wedding, different combinations of cushion colors can also create a unique style.

--High Quality Chairs Are Essential

Quality commercial furniture must be solid and durable. The mainstream wedding chairs are now made of solid wood, stainless steel, aluminium and steel. Solid wood chairs are the finest, but they are also the most expensive and may become loose over time. Steel chair is the least expensive, but be aware that it is not suitable for outdoor weddings, which can cause the chairs to rust more easily. Of course, attention must also be paid to the welding process, plating and paintwork. No one will like a wedding chair that has lost its colour or has welding problems.

--Budget Is Of Course Indispensable

Mainstream wedding chair prices: Solid Wood Chair > Stainless Steel Chair > Aluminum Chair > Steel Chair. You can choose according to your budget, solid wood chairs are more expensive, suitable for high-end places to choose, stainless steel chairs and aluminum chairs are moderately priced, suitable for mainstream places. If you want to save budget, choose the steel chair.


Finally, considering all the reasons, our Moroccan customer chose our main product YL1163, a French style chair with a distinguished look, an elegant accent to the wedding venue. Applying tiger powder coat finish and 2.0mm thick aluminium for good durability and reliability. The YL1163 is also very competitively priced compared to the traditional solid wood French style chair. As a result, the product has been popular in local market and the trader has become a fan of Yumeya and continues to place orders.

Memories Of Yumeya's First Moroccan Order 3

Yumeya has always insisted on dealing with our customers with quality products and good service, which is highly appreciated by them. Not just for business, on this trip to Morocco we hope to meet with local brands to share the most advanced technology and beautiful products in the industry, and to make progress together. We hope to see you in Morocco.

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