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Prepare For Next Stop "Yumeya Global Product Promotion- Morocco Tour"


It is better to plan ahead. Yumeya Global Product Promotion in 2023 is an unstoppable trend. At present, there is only one week left before the next stop in Morocco (our itinerary is from July 3th to July 14th), and we have made sufficient preparations for this trip. On this trip to Morocco, we will showcase a series of wedding banquet chairs aimed at finding fashionable and comfortable banquet furniture solutions for hotel professionals in the Moroccan market. We have taken measures to maximize the value of our Moroccan itinerary and deepen our cooperation with customers. Here, let's take a look at how we can win a competitive advantage!

1. Telephone invitation

Before arriving in Morocco for a promotion visit, we inquired about the guest's schedule in advance to ensure that they had time to discuss the cooperation plan with us in detail and avoid unsatisfactory time conflicts. We have a responsibility to let our clients know the time and purpose of our visit, so that our promotion can proceed more smoothly. At the same time, over the phone, we provided a detailed introduction to our company and the advantages of our products. The guests were very excited about our upcoming visit and expressed expectations for our new product. Every phone call shows our great sincerity.


2. Material preparation

We are willing to offer the highest quality service to every guest. Our customers have always been very interested in our products. If we can show them our sales materials in a thoughtful manner during communication, it will leave a deep impression on them and make them feel at ease with our sales. We have fully prepared sales materials for this trip, including color cards, fabric, catalog books, flyers, HD videos and pictures and everything else. This is a wise approach, allowing guests to experience our most authentic details firsthand and easily collaborate with us.

Prepare For Next Stop Yumeya Global Product Promotion- Morocco Tour 1Prepare For Next Stop Yumeya Global Product Promotion- Morocco Tour 2Prepare For Next Stop Yumeya Global Product Promotion- Morocco Tour 3

3. Sample preparation

It is convenient to inform customers about our products through videos or pictures, but this is not convincing enough. We pack the chair samples directly and bring them to Morocco, allowing our customers to experience the comfort and touch quality of the chairs firsthand. We have the confidence to impress customers with the best quality chairs. This is undoubtedly a winning strategy.

We offer wedding banquet chairs suitable for the Moroccan market including stainless steel chairs, chiavari chairs and other luxurious banquet chairs. The new styles feature luxury designs with an emphasis on comfort and functionality.  We can't wait to introduce you to our popular YL1163 banquet chair. YL1163 has a luxurious modern style that will add a touch of elegance to any environment.  As Yumeya YL1163 is used aluminum frame , it is enough lightweight to be the best ideal choice for venues, banquets, restaurant and so on. Meanwhile, it is attractive enough for high-end occasions. It is also stackable and lightweight that can reduce the difficulty and cost of later operation. With 10-years frame warranty, there is 0 maintenance cost and worry free after-sales.Besides,YL1163 is available in various colors and look particularly impressive in all kinds of appearance.

  Prepare For Next Stop Yumeya Global Product Promotion- Morocco Tour 4

If you would like more information about the new wedding chairs, be sure to meet us in Morocco. Of course, if you do not have time, we are also welcome to video with you, Our expert team will always answer any questions and help you find a suitable high-end wedding chair. Don’t miss this opportunity to stop by to say hi in Morocco and see our exciting furniture collections.

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