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Australia Tour---Some New Metal Wood Grain Products Are About To Be Unveiled!


Yumeya is world leading metal wood grain manufacturer. We focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With 25 years of production and manufacturing experience, Yumeya has become one of the top metal wood grain furniture resources in the country. Now, Metal wood grain chair is being valued by more and more market savvy customers, who are opening up a new track with metal wood grain chair, it will usher a great development.

Australia Tour---Some New Metal Wood Grain Products Are About To Be Unveiled! 1

Yumeya follows the market Weather vane with the latest metal wood grain products and goes abroad. The first stop, we participated in the Milan exhibition in April. The second stop, we went to the Dubai Hotel Exhibition in May. The third stop is to visit clients in Morocco in July. Next, on the fourth stop, we will depart for Australia from 15 August to 10 September 2023.

We are delighted to be heading to Australia for the exhibition and will also visit our guests face-to-face to obtain forward-looking furniture market information. At the same time, we will bring the latest metal wood grain furniture and showcase our latest styles and technologies to customers. Including metal wood grain SDL series, Venus series and other products. If that's not enough, our internal design team has been busy developing another brand new product, and we can't wait to unveil it in front of our customers. Please look forward to it!

Metal wood grain is a special technology that people can get the solid wood texture on the surface of metal. You can get clear textures like solid wood but without cutting the trees. Do you need a reason to learn about the metal grain chair business? There are many...

Australia Tour---Some New Metal Wood Grain Products Are About To Be Unveiled! 2Australia Tour---Some New Metal Wood Grain Products Are About To Be Unveiled! 3

As we all know,due to the inherent properties and production process of solid wood chairs, even high-end solid wood chairs will have the risk of loosening when there is change of humidity and temperature in the air, causing costly chairs replacement. Besides, solid wood chairs are usually made of noble materials, so their prices are also expensive. Now, cautious consumption brought by the economic downturn, the consumers tends to choose similar products but with cheaper price to reduce cost. Metal wood grain chair has a solid wood texture appearance, but it is 50% cheaper than same quality level solid wood chair, and it is as high strength as metal chair, making it an ideal choice.

Different tubing is connected by welded technology, which will not affected by the temperature and humidity in the air. Meanwhile, Yumeya provide you 10-years frame and molded foam warranty free you from the worry of after-sale service.By using Tiger Powder Coat, Yumeya’s metal wood grain chair can easily deal with daily collisions and can maintain the good look for years, reducing the cost of replacing old furniture. Adopting Yumeya's unique stacking technology, metal wood grain chairs can stack at least 5 pieces, which can help save at least 50-60% storage and transfer cost. The light-weight aluminum material makes them easy to move around, too. 

Australia Tour---Some New Metal Wood Grain Products Are About To Be Unveiled! 4

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Australia, follow the Yumeya social channelsor  make video call with usto keep up to date with what’s happening. If you are interested in metal wood grain and want to win your brand competitiveness, please do not hesitate to contact us to collaborate on a new business track!

Yumeya has upgraded the site and facilities of the production workshop
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