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Yumeya Dealer Conference Highlights Review


On the 17th of January 2024  Yumeya Dealer Conference was held as scheduled. It was a successful event. The conference was held in the mode of online live broadcast and offline simultaneously. Vice President of Yumeya addressed the audience through the screen. The highlights of the conference consisted of four main sections

  Firstly, Sea, the VGM of Yumeya, reviewed the successful story of Yumeya in 2023 and looked forward to the development plan of 2024.  In the past few years of the epidemic environment, when the economic situation of the market was not good, Yumeya's performance went against the grain and gained a brilliant performance, and created a new record high in 2023.

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Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs combine the true grain feel of solid wood with the strength of metal, while being up to 50% cheaper than comparable high-end solid wood chairs. During the year, Yumeya Global Product Promotion we had reached in more than 10 countries and the result is that Yumeya's Metal Wood Grain is increasingly popular thanks to its extraordinary design and outstanding features.

   The growth of our performance shows that the demand for metal wood grain is getting bigger and bigger, for this reason, we have expanded our production workshop this year and introduced more advanced production equipment. At the same time, our newly upgraded laboratory has been put into use, the laboratory equipment can test the items according to ANSI/BIFMA testing standards.

   Secondly, Jerry Lim, the former General Manager of Sico Asia Pacific, who was honoured with the title of Yumeya's Outstanding Distributor of the Year 2023, shared his feelings about working with Yumeya. "Yumeya is a company with outstanding creativity and they have developed their own carbon fibre flex back chair. We all know that the Carbon Fibre flex back chair is a chair made using a patented technology from the US, however Yumeya broke the mould and became the first manufacturer in China to produce a Carbon Fibre flex back Chair. Yumeya's unique Carbon Fibre flex back chair has the same flex back functionality and comfort as the US branded, but is priced at only one-fifth of the price of the imported products, giving our dealers brand competitiveness and unparalleled market advantages. and unrivalled market advantage. I have to say that Yumeya is a very good chair manufacturer!" Jerry said.

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  What is more, we have also announced our latest dealer policy. We have launched the "Easy way to start new business" with Yumeya policy. We have prepared all the marketing materials for our dealer customers to assist their sales, including HD pictures and videos of chairs, chair samples, catalogues, flyers, dealer brochures, fabrics, colour cards, chair photography services, showroom setups and more. Helping our guests business capabilities become stronger.

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  Last but not the least, the much awaited new products have been launched. The new products are the masterpieces of Italian designers and are extremely glamorous and attractive. Among them, 1616 series is the masterpiece of our chief designer Mr.Wang from Hong Kong, combining practicality and design in a restaurant style chair. Not only that, more metal wood grain outdoor chairs are available. Thanks to our collaboration with Tiger Powder Coat, the metal woodgrain for outdoor applications is durable and stands up to the rigours of the sun and rain. This is one of our achievements for 2023.Yumeya Dealer Conference Highlights Review 4

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If you are interested in our dealer policy and would like to know more about our newly released products, please visit Yumeya Furniture website and feel free to contact us  info@youmeiya.net. 


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