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Flex Back Chairs: Everything You Need To Know!


There's a good chance that you may already have heard about flex back chairs in the past. But, not many people know the technology behind the scenes that makes the flex back chairs work! If you are thinking of buying flex back chairs, it becomes even more paramount to completely understand the basic components of a flex back chair.

Once you understand what a flex back chair is and how it works, only then can you start to explore different manufacturers. But you don't have to worry, as today's article is all about the flex back chairs. In addition, we will also explore how Yumeya's flex back chair sets itself apart from the competition.


What is a Flex Back Chair?

A flex back chair is an innovative type of seating specifically designed for people who need to sit for long periods of time. The flex back chair's major function is that it allows a person to recline slightly backward, which leads to a more comfortable experience when sitting.

The reclining feature of the flex back chair is achieved with the use of a L-shaped flex chip. This also helps to improve the original design of the flex-back structure, making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Although the feature of reclining backward may sound simple, it packs a lot of benefits for the end user. Some of these benefits include better back support, reduced pain, reduced hip pressure, improved productivity and so on. Due to all these wonderful features, flex-back chair has now become an integral part of many hotel conference room facilities.

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Why is Yumeya's Flex Back Chair a Better Option?

The market is filled with manufacturers selling flex back chairs, but not every flex back chair is created equally! We can say this with 100% confidence that Yumeya's flex back chairs are in a league of their own. In fact, any other flex back chair on the market can't even come close to Yumeya in terms of features, comfort, & durability.

In the market, there are currently two types of flex back chairs available:

1. In this type, an L-shaped flex chip connects the backrest and seat.

2. The second type includes additional accessories at the bottom of the chair, which enables the user to recline slightly backward.


Now, let's explore why Yumeya's flex back chair is a better option than the competition:

  • Aluminum L-Shaped Flex Chip

 For the L-shaped flex chip, the main materials are aluminum and steel. At Yumeya, we always use aluminum L-shaped flex chips for flex back chairs as they are much thicker and more durable than other materials. This enables Yumeya's flex back chairs to be highly durable and  resilient than other chairs in the market.

If we look at the competition, they usually use steel for the construction of L-shaped flex chips in the chairs. The reason behind using steel is that it is a lot cheaper than aluminum. This allows the low-end chair manufacturers to reduce the production cost at the cost of durability! The end result is a chair that is fragile, non-durable, and will only last for a few years at best.

  Flex Back Chairs: Everything You Need To Know! 2


If you want to realize the felx-back function on a regular chair, you need to add extra fittings on the bottom. For this purpose, we used manganese steel in the early days. However, base on experience, if you want to realize the function of flex-back more durable, the thickness of manganese steel will be made thicker. As a result, the flex-back function becomes tight and less comfortable for the end user.

A far better option than the manganese steel was the carbon fiber. However, that technology was only available at the USA-based chair manufacturers and it was really expensive.

At Yumeya, we are always committed to technological innovation and product development to bring our customers comfortable, durable, and valued products. Therefore, we worked hard to explore the application of carbon fiber in chairs so that this technology can be localized in China. After a lot of hard work & dedication, our R&D department successfully developed the carbon fiber flex back chair in 2022 . As a result, Yumeya became the first Chinese manufacturer to use carbon fiber for flex back chairs. Carbon fiber flex back chairs provide personalized comfort, and they also have a long lifespan even after being used many times. That's something that no other Chinese manufacturer can claim about their chairs!

 Flex Back Chairs: Everything You Need To Know! 3


  • Affordable

One more advantage of the Yumeya carbon fiber flex back chair is its low price. The unique carbon fiber flex back chair from Yumeya has the same flex-back function and comfort as the American brand flex back chair. But its price is only one-fifth of the imported product price. In simple words, Yumeya's carbon fiber flex back chair is 5 times more affordable than the flex back chair from a USA manufacturer. Such an affordable price, along with a great product, has allowed our dealers to enjoy brand competitiveness and an unrivaled edge in the market.

 Flex Back Chairs: Everything You Need To Know! 4


Once you understand the technology behind the flex back chairs, it becomes clear that Yumeya's Flex Back Chair stands out as a superior choice due to its unparalleled features, comfort, & durability. With aluminum L-shaped flex chips, Yumeya ensures robustness, distinguishing itself from competitors using cheaper steel alternatives. The incorporation of carbon fiber technology further sets Yumeya apart, enhancing comfort and longevity. That's why it is safe to say that Yumeya Furniture emerges as a leader in the realm of flex back chairs by prioritizing innovation, quality, and accessibility.

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