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Warmly Welcome You To Visit Yumeya To Kick Off The New Business Season


We are proud and grateful to have all of you as our partners, Yumeya look back on a successful year with many great projects cooperation. In 2023, We have accomplished many significant achievements: Yumeya Global Product Promotion Tour, CIFF Guangzhou, upgraded workshop size and new equipment, progressive product line upgrades, opening of new labs, successful first Dealer Conference, etc.  These achievements provide a good foundation for 2024. With these achievements, we have accumulated better conditions to provide quality services and products to our customers. Therefore, we would like to invite you to visit Yumeya in March in order to  explore our new commeicial chair and discuss the great co-operation plan for 2024. Let's take a look at Yumeya's innovative changes:

1. In 2023 Yumeya Global Product Promotion Tour has reached many countries such as Italy , Dubai, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Qatar and so on. As a result Metal Wood Grain is more and more popular. In order to keep up the growing demand and provide customers with higher quality products, we upgraded our workshop and introduced more facility. You can visit the size and strength of the plant, which is absolutely capable of producing amazing products for your project.

2. We maintained our collaboration with famous designers and as a result we have launched a number of new products with a design sensibility. These new products cover restaurant seating, outdoor seating, hotel guest room seating and so on. We believe that these new products will be a powerful tool to start new business and win you greater competitiveness in the market. 

Warmly Welcome You To Visit Yumeya To Kick Off The New Business Season  1

3. Currently, the reason we actively update our catalogue every year is because we develop many new products. We are planning to release more than 6 catalogs covering Hotel Banquets Seating, Hotel Guest Room Seating, Cafes &Restaurants Seating , Weddings & Events Seating, F&B Equipment, Healthcare Seating and so on. Catalogues on wedding&event seating, hotel banquet seating and more are now available! Restaurant seating catalogs and Hotel Guest room catalogs are also being finalized, so if you're planning to visit us in March, this is a great opportunity because you can get our latest catalog book to pick the best product for you!

Why not schedule a time to visit the Yumeya factory and find out where the magic happens. Here you can see our superb production processes, fabulous new 2024 products, useful catalog books and more!  If you're planning a trip to Yumeya, we can thoughtfully organize your trip. If you have questions, please feel free to contact sales or get help on whatsapp number 008613534726803 !

 Warmly Welcome You To Visit Yumeya To Kick Off The New Business Season  2

Happy Chinese New Year! We'll be close from 2/2/2024 to 16/2/2024
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