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Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile Canada


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Lacation:1155 Sherbrook St W, H3A 2N3 Montreal, Canada

Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile sits majestically at the foot of the lush Mount Royal Park, conveniently located in the heart of the city, within the historic Golden Square Mile, making it the ideal destination for business travelers, fashion, art and museum lovers as well as gourmets. The hotel with 256 rooms including 17 suites, offer clients a breathtaking view over the Montreal skyline and the famous Mount Royal Park and all have the same finishes of decor and level of comfort.

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What's more, this hotel also has the ability to host meetings and events.Whether entertaining a small business team or organizing a large glamourous wedding or party, Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile can do the work for you successfully so all you have to do is show up and be a guest among your invitees. It will elevate your experience to a whole new realm. Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile will host your event, from the most solemn to the most frivolous, from the simplest to the most grandiose! In addition, Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile offers a famous cuisine experience and a leisurely wellness service. It is a five-star high level hotel.

Yumeya Furniture provides high-end and functional chairs and buffy tables, cocktail tables for the Sofitel Montreal Golden Miles meeting and event Spaces. At Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile, where Yumeya products have been used for years. Jack is the event management director at Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile, "Most of our products are selected from Yumeya, from the meeting chairs to all the banquet chairs, Buffy tables and cocktail tables. Yumeya's products are very nice to use and very beautiful."

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With its superior geographical location, the hotel needs to hold a continuous stream of business meetings and banquets every day. The chairs provided by Yumeya for hotels conference and banquet rooms are extremely comfortable and durable. Yumeya's chairs easily carry over 500 pounds and come with a 10-year frame warranty, which eliminates the need for frequent replacement and maintenance of these chairs at Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile Hotel, saving the hotel's basic operating costs.

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The stacking function of chairs saves staff's work and labor time, improves efficiency, and ensures the successful hosting of various meetings and banquets. In banquet venues, it is inevitable to frequently move chairs and cause bumps and bumps. Yumeyas chairs uses the internationally renowned Tiger Powder Coat, which has three times higher wear resistance than other similar products in the market and is not easily scratched, damaging its good appearance. Even after years of use, the chair can still maintain its new appearance.

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Yumeya's high-quality Buffi tables and cocktail tables are another key part of their event setup, allowing them to host large events in the ballroom where guests enjoy moments to socialize, relax, and gather with friends. The devices are easy to clean and sterilize, which helps reassure customers that their attendees will be in a safe environment.

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