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M Hotel Singapore


Address: 81 Anson Road, Singapore

'M Hotel Singapore' is one of the few upscale hotels in Singapore that delivers luxury, comfort, & a great environment to its guests. This has only been made possible due to M Hotel Singapore's decision to acquire premium chairs from AluWood (Southeast Asian dealer of Yumeya Furniture.)

The M Hotel Singapore needed sustainable yet stylish chairs for its event halls & different hotel areas. After looking through different options, they decided to go with Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs.

M Hotel Singapore 1

One of the best things about Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs is that they are made from 100% recyclable & eco-friendly materials such as steel or aluminum. This means the M Hotel Singapore can stay compliant with Singapore's sustainability roadmap developed by the GSTC.

The key feature that truly makes the Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs in a league of their own is their resemblance to wooden chairs. The surface of these metallic chairs from Yumeya features a realistic wood grain coating. This allows the M Hotel to have chairs that match the interior design & aesthetic requirements.

M Hotel Singapore 2

Overall, the metal wood grain chairs of Yumeya have enabled the M Hotel Singapore to imbue luxury, sophistication, and refinement in different hotel areas and event halls!

At the same time, Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs have also made it possible for M Hotel to appeal to environmentally conscious guests.

That's why it is safe to say that M Hotel Singapore's decision to pick Yumeya's eco-friendly chairs has made it possible for them to meet the highest standards of environmental responsibility. At the same time, it also allowed the hotel to enhance its reputation as a socially responsible establishment!

M Hotel Singapore 3

Another key advantage of the Yumeya's chairs which furnish & elevate the atmosphere of M Hotel Singapore are exceptional durability and easy maintenance.

Unlike plastic or wooden chairs, Yumeya's metal wood grain chairs bring forth the durability of metals like Aluminum/steel which are also very lightweight! So even if the M Hotel Singapore needs to set up seating arrangements for thousands of guests, they can do it with minimum effort and time!

And since the Yumeya's chairs feature wood grain coating & spill-resistant fabric, the process of maintenance has also become a breeze! This enables the M Hotel Singapore to keep the chairs clean & looking brand new!

M Hotel Singapore 4

To conclude, M Hotel Singapore has become the epitome of upscale hospitality with Yumeya's chairs. The presence of Yumeya's chairs at this 4-star hotel seamlessly blends luxury, environmental responsibility, and sophistication!

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