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Sofitel Barcelona Skipper Spain


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Location: Avenida del Litoral, 10, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

Sofitel Barcelona Skipper is a welcoming verdant oasis that exudes elegance at the gateway to the city’s Gothic Quarter. Once you’re through the doors, the bustle of this vibrant city disappears and La Vida Chic takes over.

Hotel Sofitel is opposite Barceloneta, its best-known beach. A few minutes' walk is the Gothic Quarter, a major tourist attractions of Barcelona. It is well connected to the airport and the train station. This hotel has 2 fantastic swimming pools, a solarium and many other things for you to rest and feel at home. Also don't miss the tasty tapas at its restaurant TENDIEZ. “Sofitel Barcelona Skipper is creating a journey to effortless, irreverent elegance, capturing the essence of Barcelona & France. Both places take risks, and transform and reinvent the classic aspect”

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Sofitel Barcelona Skipper, as a five-star hotel, receives a constant stream of guests every day, coupled with the temptation of delicious food, attracting many guests to come. Sofitel Barcelona Skipper has chosen Yumeya chairs, with top-notch impeccable chairs providing guests with luxurious comfort.

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Justin is the restaurant manager at Sofitel Barcelona Skipper,Just by looking at the materials, you can tell they’re high-end products,” Justin says. “We’ve been using Yumeya products for five years now and they’ve all held up well.” In fact, Yumeya chairs use sturdy 6061 grade aluminum which is the highest level in the industry. The thickness is more than 2.0mm and the stressed parts is even more than 4.0mm. Besides, with the reinforced tubing and built in structure, the strength is at least doubled than the regular. The chairs are strong enough to hold up to 500 pounds without causing any damage.

In Sofitel Barcelona Skipper,the staff and customers love the chairs from Yumeya. They are increasingly beautiful and aesthetically pleasing design, complementing the elegant and romantic atmosphere of restaurant and bar decoration. The chairs seat shell have a strikingly simple shape which follows and wraps the lines of the human body with a wide and generous seat for amazing comfort.

Sofitel Barcelona Skipper Spain 5

Yumeyas chairs have the characteristic of easy maintenance. When your guests are dining, you don't have to worry about the beauty of the chair being damaged by the spilled drinks. The Martindale of all Yumeya standard fabric is more than 30000 ruts .Yumeya's chairs are made of splash and stain resistant fabric, allowing hotel staff to easily clean them by quickly wiping, maintaining the original condition of the furniture, and ensuring that guests always enjoy an impeccable choice of clean seats.

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