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Radisson Blu Hotel Johannesburg


Address:Rivonia Rd, Daisy St, &, Sandton, 2196 South Africa

Radisson Blu Hotel Johannesburg 1

The Radisson Blu Hotel, nestled in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg, is a paragon of sophistication suitable for both leisure and business sojourns. The Tambo International Airport and the Gautrain Station are also close to the hotel, making it ideal for even international tourists. Furthermore, its strategic presence in Sandton's commercial nexus imparts the hotel with a magnetic allure for the corporate cohort.

The Radisson Blu Hotel has 302 distinct rooms with all upscale amenities such as in-room tea/coffee, free Wi-Fi, and so on. And since the hotel attracts all types of crowds, the rooms are designed for business and leisure travelers.

Radisson Blu Hotel Johannesburg 2

For those seeking a venue in the city center of Sandton, the Radisson Blu Hotel is again the ideal spot. The hotel features professional meeting spaces with space for up to 300 guests. To turn the venue into a special event, the Radisson Blu Hotel also offers fast WiFi, audiovisual equipment, decorative items, and many dining options!

Radisson Blu Hotel Johannesburg 3

The hotel offers an on-site restaurant for those seeking a delicious hearty meal with breathtaking views of Sandton City. From specialty meals prepared by the chef to signature breakfast buffers, there's a lot for the guests to enjoy.

Radisson Blu Hotel Johannesburg 4

The distinctive locale of the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton necessitated an array of versatile seating configurations tailored to the discerning spectrum of patrons – from the corporate conclave to the leisurely voyageur. To surmount this challenge, the hotel turned to Yumeya Furniture, a globally revered purveyor of robust and multifaceted furnishings.

Radisson Blu Hotel Johannesburg 5

For business meeting venues, comfortable & professional-looking chairs were provided by the Yumeya. Similarly, the lounge and guest quarters demanded an amalgamation of lavishness, ergonomic bliss, and artistic flair. Once again, Yumeya's craftsmanship answered the clarion call of the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton.

The hotel wanted a seating arrangement in the restaurant that aligned with the overall interior design. In addition, other qualities such as comfort, durability, & upscale design were also a must-have! To this end, Yumeya Furniture presented one of its preeminent chair designs, transcending conventional norms of comfort and resilience.

Radisson Blu Hotel Johannesburg 6

Overall, the partnership between Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton & Yumeya allowed the guests to partake in next-level comfort. Concurrently, it empowered the hotel to amplify its interior ambiance with idiosyncratic designs, curating an indelible and exquisite guest experience.

Speaking of the benefits for the hotel, another thing that should be mentioned is Yumeya's 10-year warranty. This allows the Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton to have peace of mind that the Yumeya will cover any major defect in the chair.

Lastly, another advantage is the stackability of the chairs furnished by Yumeya, affording Radisson Blu Hotel Sandton a plenitude of stored seating options poised to accommodate any surge in guests.

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