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Marriott Hotel Manila The Philippines


Marriott Hotel Manila The Philippines 1

Address: Fourth District, 2 Resorts Drive Pasay City, Manila, 1309 Metro Manila, Philippines

Manila Marriott Hotel is located in the prime location known as Newport World Resorts. The Manila Marriott Hotel in the Philippines is known for its contemporary elegance and world-class accommodations that come with modern technology, comfortable bedding, and furnished bathrooms.

The hotel's west wing features spacious suites for those who want to feel unparalleled luxury & comfort. Depending on your requirements, the Manila Marriott Hotel also offers guest rooms for 1, 2, or even more guests.

Besides enjoying world-class amenities in the hotel rooms, the guests can also ignite their senses with multiple dining options. From a buffet restaurant to a steakhouse to traditional dining, there's much to tantalize the guest's tastebuds.

Another highlight of the Manila Marriott Hotel is its meeting space that spans over 95,000 sqft, making it an ideal location for even significant events. According to the hotel's official website, their meeting space can easily accommodate 3800 people making it one of the largest spaces in the Philippines.

Marriott Hotel Manila The Philippines 2

Being a prestigious hotel in the Philippines, the Manila Marriott Hotel has a reputation to uphold. That's why the Manila Marriott Hotel couldn't settle for anything less than extraordinary when it came to seating arrangements. That's why the Manila Marriott Hotel partnered with Yumeya Furniture to elevate its banquet and conference areas.

Marriott Hotel Manila The Philippines 3

Yumeya Furniture is a renowned name famous for its commitment to providing an elegant & comfortable seating experience for guests. So in a sense, we can say that the hotel found an ideal match in Yumeya's exquisite chairs.

In the banquet halls, the Manila Marriott Hotel needed chairs that blend luxury & functionality. Thankfully, Yumeya met these requirements as its chairs effortlessly complement the hotel's opulent ambiance while providing the utmost comfort to attendees. Crafted with a blend of style and durability, these chairs create an atmosphere of refined sophistication, perfectly aligned with the hotel's reputation.

Marriott Hotel Manila The Philippines 4

The chairs from Yumeya also adorn the Manila Marriott Hotel conference rooms with their superior aesthetic appeal and unmatched comfort. Through this focus on modern design and comfort, Yumeya's chairs add an extra layer of professionalism to the conference environment.

Collaborating with Yumeya Furniture further solidifies the Manila Marriott Hotel's commitment to excellence. By incorporating Yumeya's chairs, the hotel ensures that every aspect of the guest experience, from banquets to conferences, is characterized by a harmonious blend of luxury, functionality, and aesthetics.

Marriott Hotel Manila The Philippines 5

This collaboration is a testament to the hotel's relentless pursuit of providing its esteemed clientele with the finest accommodations and amenities.

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